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Band Origin Style CD/
Interv.  Live Specials
Macabre USA Murder Metal CD live
Macbeth Germany Heavy Metal CD
Machine Head USA Neo-Thrash CD live
Macy Switzerland Rock CD
Madder Mortem Norway Dark Avantgarde Metal CD
Made Of Hate Poland Melodic Death Metal CD interview
Madina Lake USA Alternative Rock CD
Mad Max Germany Hard Rock CD live
Madmen & Sinners USA Progressive Rock CD
Madness Of The Night Sweden Dark Wave CD
Maelstrom USA Power Metal CD
Magica Romania Symphonic Metal CD
Magnitude 9 USA Progressive Metal CD interview
Magnum Great Britain Hard Rock CD live
Mägo de Oz Spain Folk Metal CD live
Mahavatar USA Dark Prog Metal CD
Main Line Riders USA Pub Rock CD
Majestic Sweden Neo-Classica Metal CD interview
Majestic Downfall Mexico Doom Metal CD interview
Majesty Germany True Metal CD interview live
special tip Malediction France Melodic Heavy Metal CD interview
Malevolent Creation USA Death Metal CD interview
Malevolentia France Symphonic Black Metal CD
Malhkebre France Black Metal CD
Malice USA US Metal CD
Malison Rogue Sweden Hard Rock CD interview
Malmsteen, Yngwie Sweden Neo-Classical Metal CD live
Malnàtt Italy Death Metal CD
Mammutant Germany Metal CD
M.A.N Sweden Full Scale Quarter Tone System studio report
Man Among Stars Romania Black Funeral Metal CD
Mandragora Scream Italy Dark Metal CD interview
Mandrake Germany Gothic Metal CD
Månegarm Sweden Viking Metal CD
Maniac Butcher Czech Republic Black Metal CD interview
Manifestation Germany Hardcore CD
Manifest Destiny USA Thrash Metal CD
Manifesting USA Death Metal CD
Manigance France Prog Power Metal CD interview
Manilla Road USA Epic Heavy Metal CD live
Manimal Sweden Power Metal CD interview
Mankind Liberation Front USA Electro Indie Pop CD
Manowar USA True Metal CD live
Manticora Denmark Power Metal CD live
Marauder Greece Power Metal CD
Maraya USA Power Metal CD
Marble Arch Sweden Gothic Metal CD
Marcello-Vestry USA Hard Rock CD
Marduk Sweden Black Metal CD live
Mares Of Thrace Canada Doom Metal CD
Marillion Great Britain Prog Rock CD
Marshan Great Britain Stoner Rock CD
Martin, Eric USA Hard Rock CD
Marx, Richard USA AOR CD
MaryAnn Cotton Denmark Sleaze Rock CD
MarysCreek Sweden Heavy Metal CD interview
Masi, Alex Italy InstruMetal CD
Mastedon USA AOR CD
Master USA Death Metal CD
Mastercastle Italy Melodic Power Metal CD interview
Mastermind USA Dark Progressive Metal CD interview
Masterplan Germany / USA Power Metal CD interview live
Mastodon USA Groove Metal CD
special tip Matos, André Brazil Melodic Metal CD interview
Mattsson, Lars Eric Finland Melodic Rock / AOR / Prog Rock CD interview
Maveth Finland Death Metal CD
Maxxwell Switzerland Heavy Rock CD
Mayadome Sweden Progressive Metal CD
Mayhem Norway Black Metal live
May The Force Be With You Germay MetalCore CD
Maze Of Torment Sweden Trash'n'Death CD
McCullough, Rab Great Britain Blues Rock CD
special tip McDonald, Brian USA Hard Rock CD
McGurk, Joe Great Britain Instumental Music CD
special tip Meander Russia Ambient Metal CD
Medication USA College Rock CD
Meduza Sweden Power Metal CD
Megadeth USA Power Metal CD interview live
Megora Switzerland Power Metal live
Mehida Finland Progressive Metal CD
Mekong Delta Germany Progressive Thrash Metal CD
Meldrum Sweden Heavy Metal CD
Melencolia Estatica Italy Black Metal CD
Meltgsnow Singapore Dark / Gothic Metal CD
Mely Austria Dark Metal CD
Memory Garden Sweden Doom Metal CD
Memphis May Fire USA Post-Hardcore Southern Rock CD
Mendeed Great Britain MetalCore CD
Mennen Netherlands Hard Rock CD
special tip Mercenary Denmark Melodic Death Metal CD interview live
Mercury Fang Sweden Hard Rock CD
Mercury Rising USA Prog Power Metal CD
Mercury Tide Germany Melodic Power Metal CD
Mercyful Fate Denmark Metal CD live
Merendine Italy Melodic Thrash Metal CD
Merrimack France Black Metal CD
Messenger Germany Heavy Metal CD interview
Messiah's Kiss Germany / Great Britain / USA Power Metal CD
Metal Church USA Power Metal CD interview live
Metalforce Germany True Metal CD live
Metal Inquisitor Germany Heavy Metal CD
Metalium Germany / USA Power Metal CD live studio report
Metallica USA Thrash Metal live
Meyvn USA Prog Power Metal live
Mezarkabul Turkey Power Metal CD live
Mhorgl Australia Black Metal CD
Michael Thompson Band USA Melodic Rock CD
Midnattsol Norway / Germany Symphonic Folk Metal CD interview
Midnight Blue Great Britain Melodic Rock CD
Midnight Chaser USA Heavy Metal CD
Midnight Odyssey Australia Black Metal CD
Millencolin Sweden SkatePunk interview live
Millenium USA Melodic Metal CD
Millennial Reign USA Power Metal CD
Millennium Great Britain NWoBHM CD
M.ill.ion Sweden Melodic Metal CD
Million Dollar Reload Great Britain Pub Rock CD
Milo's Craving Germany Art Rock CD
Mindcrime Germany Power Metal CD
Mindfeed Iceland Progressive Metal CD
Mindfield Germany Melodic Metal CD
Mindflow Brazil Melodic Modern Metal CD
Mind Key Italy Progressive Melodic Metal CD interview
Mindmare Denmark Melodic Death Metal CD
MindSplit Sweden Progressive Metal CD
Ministry USA Industrial Metal CD
Missing Tide Denmark Melodic Metal CD
Mistheria Italy Neo-Classical Metal CD
Mnemic Denmark Future Fusion Metal CD live
Mob Rules Germany Melodic Metal CD live
Moi Dix Mois Japan Gothic Symphonic Metal CD
Mollo / Martin USA Hard Rock CD
Molly Hatchet USA Southern Rock CD live
Momento Mori Sweden Power Doom Metal CD
Monolit Ukraine Hard Rock CD
Monster Magnet USA Alternative Metal CD
Monsterworks New Zealand Heavy Metal CD
Montage Finland Rock CD
Monumentor Germany Thrash Metal CD
Moon Australia Black Metal CD
Moon Doc Germany Heavy Metal CD
Moonlight Agony Sweden Power Metal CD interview
Moonspell Portugal Dark Metal CD interview live
Moonstone Project Italy 70's Hard Rock CD
Moore, Vinnie USA Guitar Rock CD
Moraines Croatia Metal CD
Morbid Angel USA Industrial Death Metal CD live
Morbid Carnage Hungary Thrash Metal CD
Mordancy Germany Speed Metal CD
Morgana Lefay Sweden Power Metal CD live
Morgul Norway Black-ish Metal CD
Morian Finland Power Metal CD
Morion Poland Melodic Death Metal CD interview
Moritz Great Britain AOR CD
Mörk Gryning Sweden Black Metal CD
Morse, Neal USA Prog Rock CD interview live
Morse, Steve USA Guitar Rock CD
Mors Principium Est Finland Melodic Death Metal CD
Mortal Factor Switzerland Thrash Metal CD
Mortalia Germany Gothic Rock CD
Mortal Terror Germany Death Metal CD
Morta Skuld USA Death Metal CD
Mortemia Norway Symphonic Gothic Metal CD
Mortician USA Grindcore CD interview live
Mortification Australia Thrash Metal CD
Morton Ukraine Melodic Power Metal CD interview
Mortovatis Greece ExperiMetal CD
Mortualia Finland Black Metal CD
Moth Circus Norway Heavy Metal CD interview
Motherlode Sweden Hard Rock CD
Mother Road Germany / USA Bluesy Hard Rock CD
Mötley Crüe USA Hard Rock CD
Motörhead Great Britain Heavy Metal live
Motorjesus Germany Heavy Metal live
Mouga Poland Metal CD
Mourn Great Britain Doom Metal CD
Mourning Beloveth Irland Doom Metal CD
MP Germany Power Metal CD
Mpire Of Evil Great Britain Power Metal CD
Mr. Big USA Hard Rock CD live
Mr. Gil Poland Acoustic / Folk Rock CD
MSG Germany / USA Hard Rock CD live
Mullmuzzler USA Prog Rock CD
Munkes, Rolf Germany Guitar Rock CD
Munroe, Ronny USA Power Metal CD interview live
Murderdolls USA Alternative Rock CD
Musmahhu Sweden Blackend Death Metal CD
Mutiny Within USA Progressive Melodic Death Metal CD
My Black Light Italy Female-Fronted Metal CD interview
Mydra Germany Hard Rock CD
My Dying Bride Great Britain Dark Metal CD interview live
My Dynamite Australia 70's Rock CD
My First Failure Germany Hardcore CD
Myhrding Sweden Black Metal CD
Myland Italy AOR CD
Myon Finland Power Metal CD
Myra Germany DeathCore CD
special tip Myrath Tunisia Power Prog Metal CD interview live
My Refuge Italy Power Metal CD
My Silent Wake Great Britain Gothic Doom Death Metal CD
Mystic Circle Germany Black Metal CD
Mystic Prophecy Germany Power Metal CD interview live


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