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On disc: Madness Of The Night

The Asgarda - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The Asgarda

The Asgarda
(Massacre Records - 2013)

Madness Of The Night a duo and they presents The Asgarda, their debut. Guitarist Daniel Dante from Sweden and singer Abir Blackshadow met in the cyber space and as they share the love for 80's dark wave bands they started working together - and now live together in Sweden. Abir Blackshadow is from Beirut (Lebanon) and so has a different background, but her Oriental origin musically only shows through every now and then. But her lyrics partly reflect the obstacles she had to face in daily life.

The opener is called Oppression and gives a first impression of the Swedish-Lebanese cooperation. A song like The State Of Madness is an 80's influenced dark wave tune and spiced up with some metallic riffs. Towards the end of the track is seems that the duo gets into a state of madness... Abir's vocals at Theatre Of Pain have a touch of French chanson combines with electronic based dark rock / wave. But I would like to have Abir's vocals a bit more up-front... A very danceable tune is Terrorroom, but it also creates an atmosphere which is... nightmarish. Stand Up is slower and has a gothic rock edge. The slow Jephanie is showing a different side of Madness Of The Night, a more balladesque one. The closer is a remix of We Are Gothrockers And We Don't Care, it's more danceable.

Madness Of The Night are influenced by 80's dark wave and bring it to the 21st century. Fans of bands like The Cult and Dead Can Dance should give it a try.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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