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On disc: Mpire Of Evil

Hell To The Holy - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Hell To The Holy

Hell To The Holy
(Scarlet Records - 2012)

With Mantas and Tony Dolan in the band there is a lot of experience to make a solid foundation for some kick ass metal to the fans. The new album Hell To The Holy is a direct follow up CD to the 2011 release Creatures Of The Black, and on the 2012 album Mpire Of Evil gives evidence of the brutal way to play power metal. They know the metal business, and most of their 10 new songs are melodic and powerful songs that has their roots in the 80's hard metal with some influence from the style Motörhead introduced. What Mpire Of Evil is not doing is to give the material some deserved variation, but keep the album simple but powerful. The title song Hell To The Holy goes however in a different direction with slow ritual metal, and Devil includes lots of slow slide guitar to the creative work. Finally we also get a scary dose evil metal in the song The 8th Gate, but as a whole this album could have been even more successful if the brutal guys had used more creativity in the songwriting.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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