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On disc: My Dynamite

My Dynamite - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

My Dynamite

My Dynamite
(ClawHammer Promotion - 2012)

This album can only make smile, the rock sound from the 70's served from Australia in form of the new band My Dynamite. Why do they get that idea? 10 songs where the themes are with inspiration from bands like AC/DC but often see a mix of song qualities from both AC/DC and The Beach Boys in a style filled with surf rock that even makes progress in today's music. These guys could be interesting to follow in the future.

Take It Or Leave It starts the show where the style is this mix of The Beach Boys and AC/DC with a very listenable sound. Inside Out has a soft rhythm that fits perfectly for the surf rock sound this song has. Dirty Game is another fine rock song from My Dynamite where the concentration is on the slide guitar almost on the entire song. Raise Your Glasses is in my view the best song on the album, good and hard AC/DC sound with a very personal touch from the Australians.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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