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On disc: Majestic

- Trinity Overture - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Trinity Overture

Trinity Overture
(Massacre Records - 2000)

Some of you might know the great debut of the Swedish melodic metal band Majestic, but listen to this one! Abstract Symphony was a pretty good debut and the band proofed their abilities on tour with Pretty Maids, but.... Their latest release Trinity Overture is better! First I was a little confused, coz the singer sound so different, soon I learnt that mastermind Richard Andersson is back with a completely new line-up! Beause Richard is the song-writer the music hasn't changed, it's still melodic metal in the tradition of Rainbow or Malmsteen (80's), but they sound modern. I would recommend The Rapture Of Caanan and Resurrection to check them out. If you have the possibility to catch the digi-pack, take it. The limited digi-pack incl. a Majestic screen saver. Nice idea. What's coming next? Hopefully a tour before the enter the studio again.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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