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On disc: Mägo de Oz

- Fölktergeist - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Locomotive Music - 2002)

The Spanish octet is huge in Spain and is representing the new Spanish metal scene with their colleagues from Tierra Santa. Now the Spanish band releases a double CD is the first live album of the band. It's released as a dig-pack with two booklets, one with the lyrics, the other with photos of the band. The album cover is done in a comic style. The band can be compared with Skyclad, coz they mix metal riffs and folk elements as their British colleagues. And they sing Spanish as many bands from the Iberian peninsula do which makes it more interesting in my opinion. The octet includes beside the typical instrumentation also a violin and a flute. The Spanish magician from Oz is bewitching the audience with their compositions. Parts they took from classical compositions are embedded in their compositions. On the 2 CDs the fan gets a good overview of the 3 full-length albums and the debut EP of the Spanish mage, even if they are focused on the last studio album Finesterra. The fans celebrated their local heroes and so you can hear them singing and shouting. Singer Jose Martinez Arroyo heat the fans up and seems to be their idol... The production is excellent and gives every band member enough space to show their abilities, so you can hear the guitar riffs of the guitarists Juan Carlos Marin Lopez and Francesco Javier Gomez de la Serna as well as flutist Fernando Ponce de Leon. The CDs offer 18 tracks which are a pleasure to listen to. The voice of singer Jose is very emotional and even if you don't understand the words his voice tells a lot.
I can recommend that especially to fans of Tierra Santa, Skyclad and Subway To Sally and to metal fans who aren't afraid of this musical mélange and Spanish lyrics.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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