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On disc: Mely

Portrait Of A Porcelain Doll - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Portrait Of A Porcelain Doll

Portrait Of A Porcelain Doll
(Silverwolf Prod. - 2009)

The Austrian band Mely started back in 1999 and this is their 4th album - and my first encounter with them. The cover is dark and somehow fragile... The opener is Of Doubts And Fear and kicks off with an a capella part, then they slowly start into the song and it has a Pink Floyd-ish edge... but darker. After a few moments the song explodes! They switch between heavy parts with fat riffs and slower passages where they sound almost fragile. The song carries a sad note, but also hope... A roller coaster ride. A atmospheric gothic rock tune. Grown For Doom is a slow, doomy track... Partly the song has a Paradise Lost touch... Reminds me of One Second era... This impression got even stronger with Brick Against Porcelain Dolls! But after about a minute they take a turn and the track becomes a dark rocker. Don't Wake This Sleeping Dog, starts slowly and gloomy, first it creates a depressing atmosphere, but then they go full force and you feel anger. The refrain of Hell Low reminds me of Secret Discovery... A dark, atmospheric track with heavy riffing is Maybe Yesterday. Not very catchy, but after a few spins it lasts. The closer My Addiction has a folk touch in the beginning, but again they go full force, this scheme they use a bit too often. They should vary more. Anyway, good tune.
The Austrians combine in their songs heavy parts and fragile, atmospheric passages - sometimes with a gloomy touch, sometimes full of anger. I miss some real catchy tune, a real ear catcher. But they offer different shades of dark rock / metal, and there is no bad song, but still something is missing... Anyway, the album is well done. I like the idea to work with 2 vocalists, coz both guitarists sing. If you expect some clean vocals and growls, you are wrong!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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