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On disc: Morian

- Sentinels Of The Sun - Philip Thelen - 8 stars

Sentinels Of The Sun

Sentinels Of The Sun
(Dynamic Arts Rec. - 2007)

Morian is a Finnish band I hadn't heard of before. I didn't thought there is a Finnish band I don't know, but well... And like I expected the CD is just great!
I expected some kind of melodic metal la Sonata Arctica or Thunderstone, but the deliver something different. Not the high-pitched vocals, even if it's a high tone, but quite pleasant. Powerful guitars with some synthesizer in the background you get and somehow melodic. Nice change compared to the Finnish melodic metal I usually listen to. To be honest, they surprised me!
Let's talk about the songs! They kick off with Firewalker which has a synthi-piano intro, but then heavy guitars set in. Catchy with a certain groove! Next is The Legion Of Two - a great tune. By now the vocals remind me more of alternative then of power metal, but it fits to the music. Songs like The Rats In The Walls or Tomorrow She Comes show their passion for what they are doing. The lyrics aren't average, they have a meaning - and I like that. In general I can say that this is a good album and that Morian is a band which has the potential to make it to the premier league - and that you become aware of after listening to the first track of Sentinels Of The Sun.

8 stars

Philip Thelen


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