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On disc: Malnàtt

Principia Discordia - Lars Bjørn - 4 stars

Principia Discordia

Principia Discordia
(Valutiamo Proposte - 2012)

The Italian death metal band Malnàtt has made many odd things in their career, now they put on their avant garde death masks on again for their 5th album, Principia Discordia. As usual it is lyrics in Italian, obscure music, but this is the way they are playing. 11 new songs that has a few uplifting moments in songs like L'amour Sen Va which has a driving metallic rhythm and lots of harmony, also the song Don Matteo is above average with a good humoritic attitude together with quality death metal. But unfortunately Malnàtt is not keen to make so much more good music, they keep the music on a level that is not moving in any direction, a shame because they have the experience to make it a lot better. Malnàtt is concentrating about their live performances, and making new music is not the most important issue for them.

4 stars

Lars Bjørn


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