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In Words: Millencolin

- Eric - July 1995 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Millencolin 1995

Eric (by phone) - July 1995

The Swedish punk band Millencolin is getting pretty successful in Scandinavia. Now they are starting to discover Europe musically. Their label Burning Heart found strong distribution partners in the other European countries. That's why I talked to Eric on the phone.

Was it a surprise for you that your album Tiny Tunes sells pretty good in Scandinavia?

We been on the Swedish charts and stuff like that. It has been growing, one step after another.

How long are Millencolin in the business?

We've been playing together for almost 3 years.

It happens very quick.

We've been playing in other bands before. The people knew our names, even when our former bands hasn't been that popular.

I heard the Tiny Tunes and I think you are not just a punk band. There are parts in the music which are not typical for punk, you're also very technical. Many people think that punk is a 3-chord music.

I don't know. I like to play more difficult things, not just 3-chord songs.

Where are you musical influences? I think you're not just influenced by the old school punk.

Yeah, when we started we were influenced by bands like Operation Navy and No FX. Nowadays we listen to all kinds of music, everything with a good melody. I like this songs.

Now bands like Green Day open the market even for Swedish bands like Millencolin and No Fun At All.

Of course. I think many people say that, too. But I think they do great songs.

Sure, but it's not commercial in the way that they loose their identity. A good melody don't make it just commercial. What have you done since the release of the last album?

We were playing in Sweden and also in Roskilde, Denmark and in Oslo, Norway.

Do you think that you will tour in other European countries with the up-coming album?

We'll do a tour through Germany in September. I think so.

How are the sales in the other countries? You say that you are pretty successful in Sweden.

I think so, but I have no idea how much we sold.

I don't need a number of sales. Just if you can see that it's getting better, that you can play out of Sweden.

Peter who run Burning Heart got a good distribution deal. I think that will help a lot. You can't tour without selling records and you can just tour with a new album.

How long is Da Strike out? Just yet?

No, it was out first. that 4-song CD was in the single charts. The album was also in the charts. But Da Strike was voted into the charts. We were up to place no. 12. That's pretty cool, at the same time it's kind of embarrassing. A shock that it's the kind of music which the average people listen to.

I don't know how long Tiny Tunes is out. What are your plans? Perhaps the album was released later in Germany than in Sweden.

The album been released in Sweden last October. Now we'll record our new album in August and it will be released in October, too.

Could we expect changes?

No, I think it is the same style. It'll include 4 or 5 Ska songs, a reggae part and the rest are punk songs.

So you stick to your own style. That's good, 'cause you're not just playing the 3-chord stuff.

We want that this band has it's own character.

So the fans can't say that you jumped on a bandwagon of Green Day and Offspring, etc. Millencolin is an outstanding band.

I hope so.

Perhaps you get the chances they got.

The Swedish punker would deserve the chance and they would take it. Be open minded and give the national and the other European bands a chance. We have many good acts in all kinds of music. It seems that the Swedish want to start an example and honour their national acts. Do the same.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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