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On disc: Mortal Factor

Hicsos vs. Mortal Factor - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars / 7 stars   /

Hicsos vs. Mortal Factor

Hicsos vs. Mortal Factor
(Mr. Vain Records - 2009)

Nowadays it seems that split-CDs get more popular again... At least it's a good way to check out bands without surfing MySpace.
Hicsos are from Ro de Janeiro and were founded about 18 years ago. The four Cariocas present trash with a heavy groove as they show at the opener Mea Culpa. For a brief moment they remind me of Overkill, but then they slow down to let the song fade out. Singer and bassist Marco Anvito's vocals are deep and raspy. Guitarists Antonis Saba and Nilmon Filho present ultra-heavy riffs, but also short leads and the opening of Face To Face shows reminiscences to Megadeth. But they aren't copying any band, they present a mix of different thrash bands based on a heavy groove. All songs of Hicsos are taken from their 2007 self-released album Technologic Pain. Quite interesting band and it would be interesting to hear some new stuff of them!
The second half of this split-album is featuring the Swiss quintet Mortal Factor. The band from Lucerne mixes thrash with hardcore and some metalcore elements. They kick off with Point Zero - the video clip is added - and show them technically skilled. The band was founded in 2003 and just released a demo in 2006. From this demo only Bastard Nation made it onto the split-CD. The Swiss offer some fast songs, they are more straight in your face, but also use breaks and mid-paced passages. At 5 Fucking Days they show themselves raw and aggressive - and they remind me a bit of Exodus... But there are also some mean growls.
Thrash metal fans who like some diversity should check them out! You might be surprised by the well-experienced Hicsos and / or by the youngsters from Switzerland...

Hicsos: 8 stars
Mortal Factor: 7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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