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In Words: MarysCreek

- Stefan - April 2007 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Stefan - April 2007 (by email)

Another Swedish band, this time a new hard rock act tries to conquer the hard rock universe. Here a little bit more about the band MarysCreek!

Please tell us about the beginning of MarysCreek!

MarysCreek is a hard working band from Sweden, all starting out early 2004 when Mats call me up and ask me to join him in a band. I knew Mats from the past, because we played together in a couple of constellations' earlier. I know of Mats writing skills and of the demos he shows me I was blown away! So we decided to give it a serious try and walk the whole way this time.

Why did you choose the name MarysCreek? And what does it mean to you?

Haha... It's kind of a secret! And there is some stories about that... One version is of a former girlfriend with the name Mary from a dark place in the United States that one of the guys knew... Some other people believe we got the name from the Nightwish song Creek Mary's Blood... But it's all up to the listeners to decide what to think of the band name. In either case the coming videos in the future will introduce 'Mary' and explain some of the history...

Your album is called Some Kind Of Hate. Did you choose this title, coz you think that the song represents the album? Or is there another meaning behind it?

It kind of reflect the sound of the album, we wanted a title that was a bit dark with little bit of hope... hahaha. And then we have a song called Some Kind Of Hate so the title wasn't to hard to nail.

The album was mixed at Studio Fredman. Was it your first choice? Are you satisfied with the result? Yes, absolute, it sounds amazing!

It was one of the things that we wanted to do, to work with Fredrik just to get his sound and mix it with our kind of melodic songs. We had a very strong believe how we wanted this record to sound and Fredrik was a bit of that puzzle. It is kind of an odd decision that we wanted Fredrik to our kind of music and I think it was some people that thought it was strange, but he was just that man that we needed to define our sound on this first record. We recorded the whole album by ourselves then we hand it over to Fredrik to tweak it! Fredrik is very cool man and with awesome experience, that time we work with him was a big laugh... Totally crazy!

Oliver Bennett did the cover artwork. Please tell us a bit about working with him. Did he come up with the cover? Or did he only worked out your ideas?

Not much to tell here, we find a picture he had done that we all like and it kind of reflect the kind of dark mood, but with hope... hahaha. Then he kindly gave it to us and that is that!

What inspires you when you write your songs? Is there a song on the album which has a special meaning to you?

I guess our singer Mats best could answer that, but I know he likes to tell the story about fundamental things in life. I think the title of our album sums of it pretty good. Some Kind Of Hate...

I think we have many things for inspiration... A lyric line or a riff... Although we don´t like to preach any special message we DO like to describe the observation of facts that can be witnessed by different people in modern society...

Which bands / artists influenced you?

A whole lot of bands and people! But it spans from Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, TNT and Black Sabbath to newer acts like In Flames, Black Label Society, Soilwork. I know Bobby listens to everything new to the classic 70's stuff... Me (Stefan) and Robban are more to the heavier stuff... Hahaha... Mats is a TNT and Mötley Crüe fan! So you see the music we listen to is a big variety in this band.

You could already play a few shows in your home town / home country. How were the reactions? Are you satisfied with your first shows after the album release?

Awesome response so far! You know MarysCreek is a live band always has and always will be... I think people that come to our shows is surprised that we are more heavier than the album and that's all good the live show shows that we are a hardworking, tight and straight forward band that have very much fun when we play, we totally love to entertain a cool crowed!

By now you got a lot reactions to your album, are there any plans to play outside Sweden?

Absolute! Our goal is to play everywhere at any time as much as possible!
I know that our label MTM Music is working hard to get us a good agency, so we can go out to play around the world, we have fans from all over that is very eager that we come play soon so... Hopefully it work out soon, coz we're more than ready!

It seems that Sweden has a very large music scene - and variety of sounds. What do you think is the secret? What you think?

Yes, it comes grate bands from Sweden and it pop up's new bands all the time I think we have a great music scene and maybe a tradition with rock music. I don't really know...

What are the members of MarysCreek do enjoy beside music? Sports? Hockey?

There isn't much time left over to other things, but Mats, Robban and Bobby do like watch and follow the hockey. For me (Stefan) it's all music 24-7... Hahaha.

How much changed your life since the release of Some Kind Of Hate?

More work... Less money.... Hahaha, no nothing really… Its kind of early to say, we work hard and we want this to grow so.... Now we have a good platform and great people to work with so we plan to be around for a long time.   ;)

Give us a brief outlook at what's on your schedule for the rest of 2007!

We have many things that we want and will do. ;) But first we want out to tour and play live as much as possible and everywhere to support the album. We also in the middle of work things out to get Some Kind Of Hate released in Asia, South America and US, if this will work out than we have some job to do over there.   ;)
Videos are in planning stage and other cool things, and then hopefully we get back in studio and start album no. 2, we all ready beginning with song writing.

Looks like we soon will hear more about the Swedish... And perhaps see them on tour, too. Meanwhile give Some Kind Of Hate another spin.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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