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In Words: Malison Rogue

- Pete Fury - April 2011 - Umberto Mino -

Malison Rogue
© Malison Rogue

Pete Fury - date - where

Malison Rogue is a new band from Sweden, nobodies to many. Time to learn more about them! Thanks to Pete Fury for answering my questions.

Let's start with your album.... How are the responses from the public and the press / web?

It's been overwhelming, to say the least. When people found out about you, from all over the world, in such a short time.. Well, we had never expected that. A great and encouraging way is Facebook. Before the release of the album, we had like 270 fans, since we started the band's Facebook page a little less than a year ago. Now, in just a couple of weeks, we've gotten more than 2,200 fans worldwide. A great way to quickly reach new fans.

Describe your album and convince me to buy it!

In a time when most bands try to sound as commercial and soulless as possible, Malison Rogue offer you a traditional way of the progressive Heavy Metal. An old school sound in a modern wrap. With the great melodies, but without losing any raw and hard stuff!

Tell us the band's history... You had another name before and the renaming to Malison Rouge...

Actually, we had another name before that as well, but that is.. well, 6 years ago or so. The first name was Xaiphodius, but the music created then is so far from our current style and songs, that it should be considered as another band really, especially because it's only Doc and Bjoerkborg who are the remaining original members from that constellation.
Zeb joined that band pretty soon and the final piece to the puzzle was added when Pete took over the bass. Pretty soon after that, we changed our name to Ashes and started to write music in a new direction (the music with Xaiphodius was more of the Iron Maiden sound with really cheesy lyrics and chords haha). When we got signed by Inner Wound in the spring of 2010, we thought we should get a new name, to make it as a fresh start, and get much more unique name. Malison Rogue doesn't mean anything really, we just picked two words that looked great together.
The only drawback is that it perhaps is too unique, and most people, even you haha, think the second word is Rouge, when it actually is Rogue (another word for bandit or villain).

Any plans for touring this year?

Well, financially, a larger tour is not scheduled yet, even though we'd love that. First and foremost, we hunt for gigs and shows allover Sweden, to establish a large and true fan base over here.

You are from Sweden that have some new killer bands like you, Enforcer and Steelwing among others. The others choose the NWoBHM for their sound guide, you choose Fates Warning and Queensrÿche... Explain the reasons...

We're all into Queensrÿche for sure, but we don't try to copy them. And also, since we wanted to get away from that stereotypic 'metal' we played in the Xaiphodius days, this direction has developed quite natural to us. None of us had really listened to Fates Warning before people started to compare us to them (we had already recorded the album long before that).
As for me personally, I hadn't even heard of them before, but I'm starting to hear them out more and more.

What do you think about the album producers and how long was the recording sessions?

All people involved in this album did an amazing job. Nicko DiMarino, legendary singer Mats Levén, Micke Lind and all guest musicians. We had worked with Mats before, recording the demo version of The Griever, and he did an amazing job, so we asked him to produce the whole album. And it was really a great decision.
To record the instruments, we used about three weeks, and another 2 weeks for the vocals, keyboards and that kind of stuff. We thought we'd release this album much earlier but it was well worth the waiting.

There are some old ideas or all songs are new?

Actually, the only songs we wrote just for this album are We're All Born Sinners and Everything Fades. The other songs had been around for a while, with Scars being the oldest one.
But Everything Fades have some chorus parts in it, taken from another song we wrote years ago, during the Xaiphodius era.

Have you any idea of which song is good for a video?

We've had some thoughts about which one. But as it seems that some songs blend out in the mix, perhaps Friend Or Foe, or maybe We're All Born Sinners could be a couple of great fits for a video.

Thanx for you answers and salute Ice-Vajal followers like you prefer.

Hope you enjoyed some old tales from OUR crypt, and check out our album.
If you're into 80's Heavy Metal, you won't be disappointed. Cheers, my friends!

Umberto Mino


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