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In Words: My Black Light

- Marco & Edo - Feb. 2012 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

My Black Light
© My Black Light

Marco & Edo - February 7th 2012 (by email)

As many won't know My Black Light or just came across them, it's time to learn more about the band. The band's rhythm section - Marco & Edo - was so kind to enlighten us!

Please tell us a bit about the beginning of My Black Light! And why did you choose this name?

We met in 2008, we already played in other local bands and we knew each other as musicians already. When we decided to form My Black Light we realized how different our music background and our tastes were, we listened to completely different music, so we wanted a name that could express this contrast and 'black' and 'light' sounded perfect. We added 'my' because we wanted it more personal.

As far as I know you attended some contests, how much did it help you?

A lot. We had the chance to meet other bands and people and to test our music and have judgments and advice on it, and if you're ready to listen to them it's good cause you can improve your music.

The songs are written by Rodolfo Coda Bertetto, how much influence do you, the others have?

Yes, he wrote them, he usually starts with a draft we can work on later, so everybody is involved in the final version and everybody puts their own taste in the music. Concerning the lyrics Rudy usually chooses a subject but not always, sometimes he just gives his idea and then Monica works on it and on the main vocal line at the same time. At the end they work together to fix everything.

What inspires you? Musically? Lyrically?

Musically we mix a lot of different influences, we have different tastes and listen to different genres, from gothic to prog and modern metal to electronic music. Concerning lyrics, very often life is our inspiration, human nature and its relations with the modern society, and of course our personal experience as human beings.

Please tell us about the recordings! How long did it take?

We recorded our songs in Rudy's home studio so we had the chance to do it quietly and take our time, so it was a long and calm path that took us about 6 months until we finished Human Maze.

Why 2 cover versions? How did you choose the songs to cover? Was it difficult to metallize the songs?

We first released Human Maze only digitally and there was only one cover (Ti Sento). When we decided to released it with Massacre Records, also physically, we thought it would be good for our fans to add a kind of bonus track and we chose Un-break My Heart. We chose them both because according to us they fit Monica's voice, even though it was not easy to adapt the music to our style, but we thought that reinterpret a song and be convincing is always challenging so we gave it a try.

You did a video for Detriny, why this tune?

This video was filmed when we opened Leaves' Eyes concert in April 2011 in Italy, Detriny was one of the first song we wrote for Human Maze, we all like it and our fans seem to appreciate it, that's why we chose it.

The backdrop tells that it was a show where you supported Leaves Eyes... Please tell us a bit about the show? Your experience to play in front of Leaves Eyes fans?

Well, of course it was exciting and we were so proud we could play with such a great band. It was a beautiful experience and it was good to see that people supported all the bands and not only the big ones, especially here in Italy it was unusual. We enjoyed the show so much.

A few shows in Italy are already scheduled, what about shows outside your home country?

We are planning some shows abroad towards the summer, but we can't say anything now, because they're not really scheduled yet. So keep your fingers crossed for us!

Any chance to see you at some festivals this summer?

Yes, it might be, like we said before we are already discussing about this for shows in Italy and abroad, we'll keep you informed.

You are active on different platforms, social media is very important these days... Pleasure or pain?

Nowadays it is absolutely necessary to be active on social networks and in general on the internet. This is how people know each other and get information about everybody and everything and, most important to us at least, it allows us to stay in touch with our fans and people and see how they react to our music.

Have you already started writing new songs? Or just gathering ideas so far?

We've already started writing new songs and actually we have material enough to record a new album, almost! Of course we still have to work on them and we will probably change them during this stage and before recording in studio again.

Any idea when you'll enter the studio?

We hope next year...

What's next on your schedule?

Next show is on 24 February here in Italy, then we will probably have some concerts still to work on... And then on 5 May we are opening Delain and Trillium at Rock'n'Roll Arena here in Italy, and then we hope to have some festivals towards the summer.

Thank you very much Claudia for this interview and stay tuned, we'll have a surprise for our fans very soon!

Marco & Edo

So it's wait & see, if they can play outside their home country or if we have to wait til their next album is out...

Claudia Ehrhardt


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