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On disc: Macy

Calling Out - Gisela Schmitz - 4 stars

Calling Out

Calling Out
(Fastball Music - 2009)

The debut of the Swiss band Macy was praised in the biography, so my expectations have been high... CD put into the player and let's go. I first realized that it sounds nice, but it had no impact on me. It's probably the lack of powerful guitar riffs, coz they only add acoustic ones. Beside that the voice of Cyril Mauderli is very soft and tentative, more powerful vocals would have make the songs give a rough edge... Okay, they are easy to get into, but you soon forget about them. The album lacks harmonies, melody lines and an earthy production. The band never shows emotions, so the songs sound sterile. Actually this kind of album need a raw production - and the songs would sound better. Just In My Head shows emotions and I hoped for more, but got disappointed. The album of the Swiss lacks rough edges, this music should sound dirty and not polished. You can't deny that the band have talent, but they should have more confidence and stand their ground when it comes to producing. They couldn't win me over and they will neither get the attention of rock fans, just your mother-in-law might like it... The album lacks variety and so you soon forget about it!

4 stars

Gisela Schmitz
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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