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On disc: Missing Tide

Follow The Dreamer - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Follow The Dreamer

Follow The Dreamer
(Lion Music - 2009)

The Copenhagen-based band Missing Tide was founded back in 2007 and is now presenting their debut album Follow The Dreamer. If you take a look at the involved musicians then you'll find some members of well known Danish bands - and that gives you an idea what to expect.
They kick off with the title track Follow The Dreamer, a up-tempo melodic metal tune. The heavy riffs are accompanied by catchy vocals - the song also offers a guitar solo by Jacob Kjaer. The rhythm section is build by Manticora's bass player Kasper Gram and Royal Hunt / Pretty Maids drummer Allan Tschicaja. Songs like Never Surrender carry the 80's hard rock vibe, but sound fresh. While songs like Traces Of Fire and Dangerous show their metal roots, fast and guitar-driven parts combined with a catchy hook. Broken Wings slowly sets off, a melancholy balladesque song which is based on guitar and vocals first. Then the song becomes powerful tune. An emotional track which don't get cheesy. After some rockers they present a balladesque rocker called Away. This one will hook you up soon!
At the album Jacob Kjaer played the keyboards too, but they are looking for a keyboarder to support them live. All band members are active in other bands, but they will manage to play live and they will proof that Missing Tide is a band, not a project!
Fans of their main bands should check out Follow The Dreamer! I recommend this album to all fans of melodic metal! To get an idea, check out: Push It To The Limit and Away.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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