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On disc: My Silent Wake

A Garland Of Tears - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

A Garland Of Tears

A Garland Of Tears
(Bombworks Records - 2008)

Like a phoenix arose My Silent Wake from the ashes of Ashen Mortality. With A Garland Of Tears they present their latest piece of work, the band's sound is described as gothic doom death metal. The fivesome opens up with Tunnels and show an atmospheric, partly very heavy tune. Partly they remind me a bit of old Tiamat... And also a bit of old Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride. At the 11+ minutes long opener they show their sound spectrum and add to their blend of doom and death metal some folk elements. They use clean vocals and growls, there is heavy riffing, but also avant garde sounds. This song is a roller coaster ride! Its like you walk through a tunnel system where some tunnels are bright and friendly and after the next turn you have to talk through darkness which is almost frightening... Slowly and very melodic they start into Cruel Grey Skies - and it didn't seems cruel at all. First the vocals sound sad and despaired, but then they change and get a black metallic touch. Again it's the contrast of atmospheric sounds and heaviness which make the song interesting. The instrumental Pendulum is a folk-ish track and gives a little break before they return with By My Own Hand - a slow tune full of despair. But heavy riffs and deep raspy vocals show the dark side of despair, when you turn in anger against someone else. Later the clean vocals return and the sadness in the music and the vocals are touching. With the up-beat Fall Of The Flightless they show themselves a bit different. But twists and turns they woven in and so there are also slower parts. The vocals add a dash of dark wave... But you can't really describe the sound of My Silent Wake, words will fail, you need to listen! Baladesque starts Fallen Leaves with acoustic guitar and vocals - and it stays acoustic. A stunning ballad! The last track is called Wilderness Of Thorns and is a heavy riff-based tune which get enriched with organ and the growls return. Welcome to the funeral! A good closer, coz it makes you spin it again! But I can't tell you much about the song, coz unfortunately after about 2:50 minutes my CD isn't running anymore - the promo got a crack. Looks like the German mail wasn't very gentle with this one.... Sorry!
Fans of vinyl should try to get the vinyl version which is somehow special, coz not all tracks fit onto an LP, so the last track is released as a 7''! More information about the vinyl version you'll find at the band's website.
Even if words can hardly describe the sound of My Silent Wake, if it raised your interest, then check them out!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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