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On disc: Ronny Munroe

The Fire Within - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

The Fire Within

The Fire Within
(Metal Heaven - 2009)

Even before Metal Church got disbanded singer Ronny Munroe started working on his first full-length album - The Fire Within. After being the singer of Rottweiller and his time with Metal Church it's no surprise that Mr. Munroe is presenting a power metal album.
Very heavy the album starts with fat riffs and powerful drums, Far is a fast power metal track which should please power metal fan. Ronny Munroe teamed up with guitarist Rick van Zandt for his solo band - and he hooked up Rick and Kurdt Vanderhoof when Metal Church were looking for a new guitarist. And Rottweiller bassist Izzy Rehaume gave his former band mate a helping hand and joined his solo band. A dark up-tempo metal tune is What You Choose To Call Hell (I Call Home), at this one and Across The Sea Of Souls Queensrÿche guitarist Michael Wilton joined in. With Rebuild The Ruins he offers a powerful rocker, not as fast as the first track, but still based on a fast drum beat. Cool track! Delirium has a dash aggression and has some other elements woven into the traditional power metal sound. This track would have fit any of the later Metal Church albums! Demon Opera will soon hook you up! Great guitar solo and with twists and turns this one will surprise you. Slowly Across The Sea Of Souls kicks off and for a moment it has a bit of Queensrÿche, but then becomes a powerful mid-paced rocker with a slightly melancholy touch. Great! Ivory Tower, Evil Genius and Ride Me will make power metal fans happy. Last, but not least you get a cover version of Rainbow's Man On The Silver Mountain. Well done. Kurdt Vanderhoof produced the album and the production is powerful and puts the vocals up-front, but partly the guitars could have been a bit more prominent... Anyway, fans of Ronny Munroe's voice and good power metal songs should give it a try. Check out: What You Choose To Call Hell (I Call Home), Rebuild The Ruins, Demon Opera and Ivory Towers.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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