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On disc: Millennium

- Millennium - Eamon O'Connor - 9 stars


(Guardian - 1984)

I have been getting into some very cool NWoBHM lately, as with Elixir I must add this band to the list, blessed by the gods of steel behold a metal gem on the forgotten Guardian label. This album has all the magical traits of good NWoBHM, a powerhouse singer in Mark Duffy who is very comparable to Diamond Head's Sean Harris. Prepare to submit to such megawatt molesting tracks as Magic Mirror, Demons Of The Light. The dual axes and harmonies extracted from them adds another dimension of addictivity to this platter. While relatively short in playing time quality stuff is all you will find here even on the somewhat corny Traveller. If you like Grim Reaper, Traitors Gate, Saxon, Satan, etc. this is an album not to be missed!

9 stars

Eamon O'Connor


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