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Name: Eamon O'Connor
B-Day: Oct. 13th 1976
Residence: Trinidad and Tobago
ICQ: ---
Profession: Cook, working in a warehouse at the moment.
Hobbies: METAL and travelling, if I could, I would love to see the entire Europe and USA.
Favorite Author: Clive Barker, James Saul, Martin Popoff
Favorite Food: Pizza, bagels, soft pretzels, any pasta or rice dish
Favorite Band: Impossible today! Everytime I get a bunch of classics from my best friend Dennis Schwan, I find new favourites like Rex Inferi, Mideval Steel, Amulance, Sacred Few, Traitors Gate, Damien Thorne, Wikkid Vikka and of course Manowar, Judas Priest, Dio and Iron Maiden, etc etc.
Favorite Movie: Old James Bond films, Night of the Living Dead, original Texas Chainsaw, first six Friday 13th's movies and first 5 Nightmare On Elm Street, any other gore/zombie film and last, but not least a good porno film. Pussyman series, Buttman series, Sticky Fingers series etc.

Quote: If it ain't metal, it's crap, death to the false ones, hail and kill.

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