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On disc: Majestic Downfall

The Blood Dance - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

The Blood Dance

The Blood Dance
(My Kingdom Music - 2012)

What a development in the music from Jacobo Cordova. He runs a one-man band called Majestic Downfall, and in 2009 the first album Temple Of Guilt saw the light of the day. Now the world sees a new outburst from Cordova with the Majestic Downfall album The Blood Dance, a 7 song masterpiece where the genuine black doom feeling is to be found all over the CD. The opening song The Blood Dance has massive growls and doom attacks to knock you backwards. From Black To Dead is attractive in it metal way as it flows very good and has the lightness that other doom metal does not. Majestic Embrace is intelligent, melodic and very solid doom metal, the best song of the album. Dimension Plague has plaguesome vocals of suffering, but the song is on the same high level musically as the others. An Untravelled Road has a more deep feeling, slower and darker than the rest of the songs, but it fits perfectly in my view. Jacobo Cordova has a massive talent for composing songs with depth and spiritual atmosphere, so congratulations on a successful album.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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