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On disc: Mob Rules

Savage Land - Anika Peterson - 6 stars
Hollowed Be Thy Name - Amir Djawadi - 4 stars
Radical Peace - Philip Thelen - 9 stars

Radical Peace

Radical Peace
(AFM Records - 2009)

It is the first time that I listen to Mob Rules and I think it is an great band. The sound reminds me of mid-tempo-based epic power metal (or what-ever-metal), but awesome. The voice of Klaus Dirks does a little bit sound like a mixture of Andy B. Franck (Brainstorm / Symphorce) and D.C. Cooper (Silent Force). I love it, cause I like both of them (and now this one, too. ;)
The guitar sound of German 'Gitarre & Bass' journalist Mathias Mineur is very fat. I think it is senseless to write about every little thing, so note the following: The band rocks from the first single note!
First song Children Of The Flames starts with great, catchy riffs with groovy arrangements and I bet it will spook around in your ears when you listened one time to this song! In the beginning of Trial By Fire you will hear an epic intro which leads to a great metal song for headbanging. This is an invitation to sing along. The intro riff appears as an interlude after the chorus. Again, Warchild is mid-tempo-based with a catchy chorus and an awesome guitar solo. Astral Hand was released at the Astral Hand EP earlier this year. Indeed, it is a great song for an EP release, but I could not imagine that it would be a great disco smasher, but maybe as a great live song... The Oswald File is an 18 minute track. It is an epic one with calm piano sounds in the beginning. In the beginning it is more metal ballad-like and turns later into heavier riffs. Waiting For The Sun could be the disco smasher, I was searching for. You will hear fast drumming phrases with great breaks. The last song The Glance Of Fame again awaits with a catchy chorus.
It is very fascinating that this band enchanted me from the first song and I am looking forward to order some older albums. So, if you have the chance, check them out!
It is hard to pick out some great songs, but to name some check these out: Children Of The Flames, Trial By Fire, The Oswald File and Waiting For The Sun.

9 stars

Philip Thelen


Hollowed Be Thy Name

Hollowed Be Thy Name
(Steamhammer - 2002)

Anything new from Germany? The latest release of the German band Mob Rules is called Hollowed Be They Name. It's the 3rd release of the band which was founded in 1994 in Northern Germany. The album opener and title track is catchy and sneaks into your brain and singer Klaus Dirks' voice is setting accents to the music. Musically the main part, the melodies are done by the guitarists Matthias Mineur and Oliver Fuhlhage as well as by keyboarder Sascha Onnen. The powerful playground is build by bassist Thorsten Plorin and drummer Arved Mannott. Beside the band members you can also hear two guests on the album, both are known not just in Germany.... One is bassist and singer Peavy Wagner of Rage and the other one is guitarist Roland Grapow known for his work with Helloween.
The band recorded 10 tracks with Markus Teske (he mixed e.g. Vanden Plas) and the quality of the songs should give them a good stand on Germany's metal market.
Actually the title track is the most outstanding one in my opinion - so the quality level is declining - but the album is listenable and has a decent quality. Nothing new, but good German metal, even if you don't hear that they are German!
How they want to bring the concept of the album live on stage? I have no idea, but the sextet will tour in fall 2002 here in Germany and then we will know more.

4 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


Savage Land

Savage Land
(Limb Music Production - 1999)

If you are into bands like Helloween, Blind Guardian and Rhapsody, then you should check out the debut album of the Germans Mob Rules. They try to create their own sound, but the influences are very audible.
On Savage Land they present songs which are lyically based in a fantasy land, but in a different way! They create a world which has to deal with the remains of war, a scorched Earth suffering from ecological mistreatment. They asked, if their will be a future for mankind and for planet Earth. A socio-critical view to our possible future which is rarely seen in the world of metal. A highlight is the title track Savage Land which comes in 3 parts and is a mini-opus. I can also recomment Rain Song and Hold Back The Light.
Well produced by Sascha Paeth who is the master of the sound of bands like Angra, Kamelot and Rhapsody. Musically not as good as the named ones, but perhaps they will one day be at the same level... Time will tell.

6 stars

Anika Peterson
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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