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On disc: Madmen And Sinners

- Madmen And Sinners - Monika Schmidt - 8 stars

Madmen And Sinners

Madmen And Sinners
(Frontiers - 2004)

Guitarist Tim Donahue started this project with Dream Theater singer James LaBrie and ex-Annihilator / ex-Extreme drummer Mike Mangini. Donahue known for his instrumental solo albums which are partly even jazzy has now recorded a prog metal album. Even if everybody has the space to show his abilities the song has priority. The more then 15 minute long title track is epic, progressive and offers aggressive guitars. Singer James LaBrie had the chance to add catchy hooks. Vocally this album is - in my opinion - better then Dream Theater's Train Of Thought. The album opener Million Miles is a fast, hard track, but the rest of the songs is mainly mid-tempo. One of my favorites is The End which is really catchy and the acoustic ballad Wildest Dreams. A good choice to check them out is Feel My Pain, here are the main elements of the Madmen And Sinners sound combined. This one is heavy, progressive and catchy. This is how prog metal should sound, if its not just made for musicians. Metal fans who liked Dream Theater's Pull Me Under will like this! This is music which is attracting fans from different genres. Interesting is the guitar sound, Donahue uses a fretless guitar. Okay, the production isn't as good as Dream Theater's, but hey, that's okay. Therefore this sounds more organic.
Try out: Million Miles, Feel My Pain and Madmen And Sinners.

8 stars

Monika Schmidt
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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