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On disc: Richard Marx

Inside My Head - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Inside My Head

Inside My Head
(Frontiers Records - 2012)

AOR and rock music lovers will know one or the other song by Richard Marx, now he's back with Inside My Head - a double CD. Disc 1 is full of new songs - or stuff which was released in the US only - while disc 2 is a greatest hits compilation, but all songs are re-recorded. Unfortunately I only have disc 1 for reviewing, so let's talk about that one!

Mr Marx kicks off with Had Enough, with an piano-based intro this soft rocker leads you into Inside My Head. Richard Marx' emotional tunes got him into the charts (he wrote thirteen #1 hits!), got him Grammy nominations for his own recordings and Grammy awards for songs he (co-)wrote for other artists. More than 30 million sold copies of his album speak on its own. One of my favorites - right from the start - was On The Inside, a fresh, emotional rock tune. Some passages remind me slightly of Nickelback which isn't a big surprise, coz this tune was co-written by Chad Kroeger - and Chris Daughtry. Through My Veins is an emotional roller coaster ride, but enchanting - like Always On Your Mind, but in a different way. For Always On Your Mind, a balladesque rocker, they speed up a little... Come Running comes over you with a heavy bass riff, sharp guitar riffs and a bit funky. Quite heavy is All Over Me, but the unique vocals tell you it's a Richard Marx song. Another funky one is Scars, this time it's more than a dash. This one will make you move! The closer Part Of Me is another beautiful rocker - and one of my favorite tunes on Inside My Head, it's a guitar-based rocker with Marx-typical vocals. Enchanting.

Fans of Richard Marx will welcome the fact that some songs are finally released outside the US and everybody who loves his previous work won't be disappointed. The re-recorded greatest hits are a nice bonus and so this release is truly value for money!

Track list:

Disc 1
Had Enough
Wouldn't Let Me Love You
Like Heaven
On The Inside
Through My Veins
Always On Your Mind
Come Running
All Over Me
Done To Me
Over My Head
Part Of Me

Disc 2
Don't Mean Nothing
Should've Known Better
Endless Summer Nights
Keep Coming Back
Take This Heart
Hold On To The Nights
Too Late To Say Goodbye
Right Here Waiting
When You Loved Me

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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