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On stage: Megadeth

- Megadeth, Mercenary & Evile - Feb. 2008 - Dortmund (D) -
- Megadeth - June 2008 - Goiania (Bra) -
- Priest Feast - Feb. 2009 - Birmingham (GB) -
- Megadeath, Testament & Exodus - Mar. 2010 - Scranton PA (USA) -

- Megadeath, Testament & Exodus -
- 'Rust In Peace' 20th Anniversary Tour -
- March 18th 2010 - Scranton PA (USA), Scranton Cultural Center -

So to start off I can easily say this was one of if not the best night of my entire life. I've been waiting to see Megadeth for five years now and tonight was finally the night. This was my first time seeing all three bands and I couldn't wait. I got there and bought one of the tour shirts, the one with the Holy Wars cover art and the Rust In Peace cover art with the band and tour dates on the back. Still haven't taken it off. I went up to the balcony since I was one of the first people in and went right to the middle of it with a great view but I was stuck behind two people, but that would change later.

Exodus started off and played even better than I expected. But their sound wasn't that great. Sometimes I couldn't tell what songs they were until like 20 or 30 seconds in because of the sound. They played all their best songs though. Toxic Waltz, Last Act Of Defiance, A Lesson In Violence, Bonded By Blood and more. They had some technical problems three or four songs in and Rob Dukes had to just talk for like five minutes. He didn't seem like as much of an asshole as people say and he sang pretty good. They finished off with Strike Of The Beast and Rob got a sick wall of death going. Looked crazy. Next up was Testament.

Had to wait like 20 minutes for them to set up and they went right into The Legacy. Right from Over The Wall you could tell Drover was perfect filling in for Skolnick. Their sound was a lot better than Exodus especially during the solos. Alone In The Dark was amazing live. That crowd singing part was really cool. And I just gotta say Chuck Billy is a monster. The guy is huge and his voice sounds like 10 guys singing at once. They didn't get to play Into The Pit like I heard they were doing. I think that was cause of the sound problem Exodus had which probably caused them to lose time. They finished with Apocalyptic City and overall played a great set. So far just these two bands would have been enough for a show and now the greatest band in the world was next.

It seemed like it was taking forever for Megadeth's set to be set up and then when the lights dropped and the 'Shut up, be happy tape' started the crowd went crazy. The band came out one by one and I was so happy to see Ellefson back. He is perfect with this lineup. Dave walked out and I was expecting him to go right into Set The World Afire, but all of the sudden Drover started that monster opening fill and they were playing Skin O' My Teeth! Great surprise and this song was amazing live! Then they went right into one of my favorite Megadeth songs In My Darkest Hour. I sang as loud as I could with Dave and it was just amazing. When it got to the last solo I was headbanging so hard I thought my neck was gonna snap. I was so happy to see that song live and then another surprise happened. They started playing She-Wolf! Wow is all I can say about that song live. They played it better than the actual recording in my opinion and the ending twin solo was amazing. If I remember right they paused for a minute and I couldn't believe what I was seeing so far. I've seen all their live DVDs and a lot of bootlegs and it seemed like they were playing better than any of that tonight.

Dave came back out and I think he said "Do you know why you are here?" Then I knew it was time. They ripped right into Holy Wars and the crowd went crazy. They played it so damn fast! As soon as it got to the first verse I thought my ears were gonna explode with how loud the crowd was singing "brother will kill, brother spilling blood across the land, killing religion, something I don't understand." They played the song perfectly and Dave's solo was amazing! Then came Hangar 18. How the hell do they play that so good?!?!?!? They made the solos seem like they were easy! Hangar 18 finished and they went right into Take No Prisoners. I swear Dave Mustaine is god on guitar, singing that while playing. The crowd did a great job of doing the backup vocals part with Ellefson and Broderick on the first verse and the 'Take No Shit' part. Then came the first unplayed song. Five Magics!!!! I was so pumped to hear this and it was amazing. Then right after the first verse it happened. The guy in front of me suddenly tapped me on the shoulder and gave me his spot. I don't know why the hell he left during Five Magics, but if he ever reads this thank you! I now had the best spot in the whole room. I was right on the rail of the balcony directly in front of Dave with a perfect view. Wish I would have brought my camera though as I could have got some great videos. Once it got to the Five Magics solo I had free room to bang my fucking head like never before. Right then I realized this is was the best night of my entire life.

Just when things couldn't get any better Poison Was The Cure. Holy shit. How the hell does Dave play that while singing and sounding exactly like the album. Once it got to Taste Me!!!!!!! I was headbanging so insanely I couldn't feel my neck any more. Broderick slayed another Marty solo perfectly even and then you heard Lucretia laugh. Not much to say except amazing. Reviewing that song quickly because next is my second favorite song on the album right behind Holy Wars... Tornado Of Souls.

As soon as that opening riff started I jumped up and almost flew over the balcony. Not the smartest thing I've ever done, but I was so excited to hear this song. Once I sang "Now I think I've seen the light" along with Dave I knew it was time. Chris was about to play the greatest guitar solo in the history of music. I stopped and stared at Chris while he completely fucking owned that solo. He played it note for note perfectly and it sounded even better than the track. Right then I realized Marty Friedman is no longer the best guitarist in the history of Megadeth... but Chris Broderick is. He played every single solo perfectly last night and no one will ever be better than him in Megadeth.

Then Dave and Chris walked off stage and Junior started playing the epic bass line of Dawn Patrol. This was the only song where I could barely hear Dave. His voice was at a whisper level for some reason but I sang along anyway. Then Drover played that epic drum opening and it was time to launch the polaris! I heard Dave wasn't playing the verses while singing but he did last night and he sounded great. "Eradication of earth's population loves polarissssss" and boom Rust In Peace was over. I had just seen something that I will probably never be able to see again. The greatest album of all time played from start to finish. It was unbelievable how perfect they played it and I loved every second of it. The band walked off stage for a bit and Dave came back out by himself.

I think it was around then, I can't really remember, but Dave got really pissed at some security guard. Earlier in the night they must have been being lazy and Rob Dukes was yelling at them on the mic to do your job and catch the fans and he got in an argument with one of them. But Dave went over to one and didn't fuck around. I didn't see what happened before, but he yanked the dude by his collar and got in his face and must have started yelling at him. He was talking to him for like twenty seconds and then shoved the dude forward and the crowd went crazy. I love that Dave sticks up for the fans like that.

Dave then started talking about when he was in Amsterdam and saw a museum with torture devices. He was saying about how if you think we are messed up now they were really fucked up back then. He showed us the whole Head Crusher chant and tore right into it. Man that song is good live. I hope it stays in the set list for the rest of their careers. It just fits in perfect with all the old stuff. Then as soon as it was over Shawn started playing Trust. His drums were mic'd so perfect I thought they were playing the song over the PA. Trust is a great song don't get me wrong, but I would have rather seen Wake Up Dead earlier in the set. My uncle who was with me has seen Megadeth 7 or 8 times and he said this was the first time they haven't played Wake Up Dead when he's seen them. Then I realized the show was almost over as Symphony Of Destruction started to play. The crowd was loud as hell during the main riff chanting "Mega-Deth Mega-Deth ... Mega-Deth". And once again Chris played one of Marty's solos better than he did.

The band walked off stage and Junior came back out and said something like "let's get some noise for Shawn" and we all started clapping the Peace Sells opening beat. Junior came in with the bass line and I got goose bumps. The crowd was singing so loud for this one. Then once it got to "Can you put a price on peace?" I had a flashback of how I fell in love with Megadeth. It was around five years ago and I barely knew who they were and then I saw the music video for Peace Sells and it changed my life. Megadeth is and always will be my favorite band and I will never forget last night. Peace Sells ended and they went back into Holy Wars, but they played it differently from what I've seen so far. They started right at the part before Dave's solo, but Dave didn't sing and they sort of slowed down and Dave announced the band like "on my left Chris Broderick". Dave did sing "next you know they'll take my thoughts away" at the end though and then it was over. The band started throwing picks and sweatbands to the crowd, the band bowed and left then Dave said good night. And then it happened. Dave was walking off the stage and looking up at the balcony. I threw the horns up in his direction and I swear to God he pointed back at me and smiled. The best night of my life and it couldn't have ended in a better way. As soon as I got out I swallowed a water in about 30 seconds and needed food. Once I got in the car I felt like I had been hit by one, but it was all worth it.

I just want to thank Dave, Junior, Shawn and Chris for putting on the best show I know I will ever see and thank you for coming to Scranton

(guest writer)


Megadeth June, 3th 2008 Goiania (Brazil)

Well, Megadeth in Brazil isn't something new, but in Goiania, in the center of the country for the first time was something very expected by the people from that area who lives very far from the Brazilian 'concert's area', Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Myself, lives in the center, but as always, I have to drove to the concert - 200 km this time.
A surprise, 4,000 people were in the place - very nice venue - to see the Megaband. Not a big surprise, cause we had open bar; a ticket gave to you Megadeth and free beer! What about that?
The opening act Heaven's Guardian, from Goiania, didn't disappointed the crowd. They made some nice power metal. For people who likes this kind of metal, they are great for sure. Nice vocals by Mario Linhares (Harllekin, Dark Avenger).
For the main attraction we had to wait about one hour. Problems with the power, said Mustaine later in the show. They entered the stage beating everything with Sleepwalker, from the last album, making everybody jump - the metalheads and of course the open bar dudes!
To make sure they are Megadeth they played Wake Up Dead, Take No Prisioners (amazing version) and Skin o' My Teeth (believe me, Chris Broderick made Friedman's solo just perfect). Cheers to the band!!!
More new songs, Kick The Chair and Washington Is Next with the natural 'new song reaction': Some love it, some just watch and clap the hands at the end of the song. Then the highlight, In My Darkest Hour and She Wolf (one of my favorites), followed by A Tout Le Monde with the traditional South American choir. American band, singing in French with Brazilian people (we speak p-o-r-t-u-g-u-e-s-e) singing out loud. Weird, but nice.
The great Tornado Of Souls, with another Broderick's fantastic performance, was next, then Ashes In Your Mouth (I didn't expected this one), Sweating Bullets, both from the classic Countdown To Extinction and Burnt Ice (a new one) finished this block leaving some Brazilians crazy.
Well, end of the party with the so expected Symphony Of Destruction (extended version) and Peace Sells. I have to say that James Lomenzo did a great job in the bass playing and making the twin voice made by Dave Ellefson for many years. To finish the gig, the expected, but wonderful encore Holy Wars! C'mon, clap your hands for Megadeth!
Well, every Megadeth show is always the same: perfect and amazing. But since the classic band is no more, we always think about how greater it will be with, Mustaine, Ellefson, Friedman and Menza. We can't ignore this point!

Gus Rosa


Megadeth, Mercenary & Evile
Feb. 11th 2008 - Dortmund (D), Westfalenhalle

Last year Megadeth played only 2 shows in Germany and almost no festivals through out Europe, but due to the success and interest in the band at the moment they returned to Europe for some more shows. The British thrashers Evile joined them on tour and in Germany additionally Danish metal band Mercenary been added while others got their chance elsewhere.
To be honest I haven't heard of Evile before.... The British quartet entered the stage to introduce the thrash fans to their Slayer-influenced sound. They came to promote their debut album Enter The Grave, they guys sound quite old-fashioned. Especially Bathe In Blood - I think it was this song - sounds very much like Metallica, like they covered the song and put their own lyrics to it.... If they want to hook me up, they need to show more originality!
Dave MustaineAfter a short break the Danish Mercenary showed up for a short set. Unfortunately the sextet had a bad sound and somehow singer Mikkel Sandager sounded quite different... I saw the band several times, but this time they couldn't convince me... Even my favorite Mercenary song 11 Dreams sounded somehow strange... I think the band had some sound problems... Or was it the Megadeth sound which didn't work for them? Anyway, I'll go to see them when they come back, coz til now they haven't disappointed me - expect today.
A longer break it was time for Dave Mustaine and his mates to enter the stage. The fans waited impatienly for their heroes and to see how the new line-up manages. The band kicked off with the opening track of United Abominations - Sleepwalker! Right from the start it was obvious that the band already works like a well-oiled machine. Chris Broderick not just played the songs perfectly, he was switching sides with bassist James Lomenzo and tried to entertain the fans. As usual Lomenzo was always in motion and only stood still when backing Dave Mustaine vocally. Sleepwalker showed that they still can rock the house! During the next one - Take No Prisoners - technical problems occurred and the band left stage.... Everybody was surprised and didn't know what to make out of this.... As Dave Mustaine only said "Technical problems, sorry!" - and they were gone. It took a few minutes til they returned and with Wake Up Dead and Skin O' My Teeth they reconciled their fans. James LoMenzo Then Dave announced some other song of United Abominations - Washington Is Next! After In My Darkest Hour the fans started to shout 'Megadeth, Megadeth' while Dave went off stage to switch guitars and James Lomenzo stepped into the spotlight and offered a short solo part. Next in line was Hangar 18! Chris Broderick played the solo part and showed why he is one of the best guitarist, even if still underrated! Then Mustaine joined in for some dual leads. Well done! Time for Mr. Megadeth to speak to the audience.. "Good evening! Want a new song? 'm not sure, if you play video games, but you might know this one!" And they kicked it off! And JLo didn't just added some backings, he backed up Dave to give it more power at certain parts. For A Tout Le Monde the stage was flooded in red and blue light to make it more atmospheric - just to speed up again with Tornado Of Souls! Drummer Shawn Drover got time for a short drum solo embedded into Ashes In Your Mouth. "In the US we have a drug problem, I don't know if you have it here, but Crystal Meth is killing people. I'm not against drugs, don't get me wrong!" Dave told as a kind of introduction for Burnt Ice. From a song about a deadly drug to the Symphony Of Destruction. Dave Mustaine The next 2 songs got a kind of bass intro to give Dave time to switch guitars, Trust sounded quite heavy and was followed by Peace Sells. One of the highlights for every Megadeth fan, here James backings could have been a bit louder... But then some dumb-ass throw a beer at Dave Mustaine! They finished the song, but then "Thank you. Good night! Next time think about it before you throw a beer at someone!" And the show was over! The band left the stage and the fans were puzzled... Angry and disappointed the fans were waiting, hoping that the band will return... But then the lights went on and Sid Vicious version of My Way came out of the P.A....And people started to leave...
Beside this unpleasant abruptly ending of the set the show was quite good, even if the sound wasn't very good. But the band played a tight, powerful set and newest member Chris Broderick left a god impression. A pity that some dumb-ass ruined the night for so many others... Hope next time this dumb-ass stays home!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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