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On disc: Morion

- Insomnia - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(self-released - 2008)

The Polish band Morion was founded in 2004 by singer and guitarist Vasyl, drummer Anton and bassist Hubass. Later that year they added keyboards to their sound in person of Misterius. At 4. Poznan Dark Festival they entered the stage for the first time and played along bands like Moonlight and Artrosis. Their first demo Symbol Of Time was recorded in Summer of 2005 at Migdal Mobile Studio. The following year Hubass left and was replaced by Teppah and additionally they hired guitarist Gwiazda. Their first album was partly recorded at Migdal Mobile Studio in fall 2006 and winter 2007. Now their debut Insomnia is available.
The Polish quintet kicks off with Alone, in the beginning only keyboard soon the band joins in with heavy riffs and pounding drums. Misterius' keyboard gives the melody line and just steps a bit back when Vasyl adds the vocals. It seems that the vocals are recorded with some effect.... Vasyl's voice is strong and powerful, he varies between clean parts and some growls. But with breaks and different sounds they keep the listeners interested and show different facets of the Morion sound. And so Alone is a good choice to get into Insomnia. The following Not The Same is a bit slower, but still heavy riffs dominate while the keyboard adds a symphonic touch. While they musically based in power metal with symphonic keyboards, the vocals are very aggressive and also dark. They slow down a bit and Vasyl sounds fragile while whispering... Its quite intense, but the dark atmosphere of the vocals are lightened up by Misterius' keyboard.With If I Swear they cross the borders. The keyboards are adding some bombastic sounds to the more melodic death metal like tune. But again a break shows a different face of Morion. You never know what to expect next - and that's what makes this album fascinating! But you have to be open to the different genres they wove into their own sound. With Maiden-esque guitars Spiritual Reality begins... But soon they speed up and head into thrash'n'death fields - combined with more traditional guitar riffing. Later in the song the keyboard takes off some edge. The song isn't very catchy, but still easy to get into. And leads over to Insomnia! Vayl's vocals are partly clean and have something sad... The clean parts are almost catchy. During the growls the keyboard builds the counter part. At Between Love And Hate some influences from gothic metal get audible, but as before the mix it their own way. With Never Again they drift more towards gothic metal... A danceable tune - in the beginning. After a break they slow down and it's more gothic rock - and back to the danceable beat. They switch back and forth. On the last track Symbol Of Time they partly remind me of Paradise Lost at One Second times, but as I loved the band in the mid-90's, I welcome this sound. But again it's only a facet of the sound!
For people who are open to different sounds, I recommend this album, but everybody who is a purist should stay away. I know that some will argue that they copy this and that band, but in my opinion they only use different sound elements and not copying any specific band. And their mix sounds fresh and is fun to listen. To get an idea of their sound, check out: Spiritual Reality, Insomnia, Alone and Fall Into Oblivion.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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