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On stage: Mägo de Oz

- Mägo de Oz Fest - May 2007 - Mexico City (Mex) -

Mägo de Oz Fest - May 1st 2007 - Mexico City (Mex), Palacio de los Deportes

At least the day arrived - and all the metal headbangers (well, not all, but a big part of us) were starting to arrive to the Palacio de los Deportes where the Mägo de Oz Fest will take place. Let me start with a little review of each band!

A heavy metal band from San Diego, California was the first band. They didn't have the perfect sound, but their attitude was awesome!!! They reminded me of Judas Priest - with that kind of voice and also a bald singer (Sean Peck), the guitars were great and the drummer was painted like a black metal band member. These guys played songs from their first album Unveiled, then a couple of songs more from Astrology, but their main moment was when they played Hell Destroyer! A great heavy metal song! We all were jumping and headbanging with these songs. At the end of their show they went down the stage and I took a picture with them. They are a very easy-going band.

Onnasis' Day
What can i tell you about this band?? At the first chord I realized that I won't like them... They play a kind of Hip-Hop-Nu-Metal-Anti-Social music. I hate that kind of music! They reminded me Korn (btw, I also hate Korn)... The singer started to jump like a rabbit allover the stage without a shirt and show us his tattoos. But the worst moment of the show was when he shouted "Viva Rafa Márquez", almost everybody knows that Rafael Márquez is a Mexican soccer player who plays in Barcelona´s Team. The comment was out of place. Why should we, Mexican headbangers, going to get excited, because a guy screamed "Viva Rafa Márquez"? I think thats the only thing this guy knows about Mexico....
At that moment I left the building and went to buy a beer. I'm still questioning myself "Why Cage played before this guys???"

The only Mexican band playing this stage. Let me tell you the truth, I was very sceptic about this band. I heard about them and everybody says that they are the new Black Sabbath... And I said with a sarcastic tone "Yes, sure!" But I was surprised, they really know how to rock!!!!
They played a couple of Black Sabbath covers almost perfect!! And their own material was great, maybe the singer need more charisma... But the music was great - and the voice reminded me Ozzy when he was young....

First time for this band in Mexico City! A lot of Mexican fans went to the festival just for WarCry! They played awesome!! Some sound problems... The first 10 seconds of their first song the microphone didn't worked. Believe me, for a singer is the worst thing that could happens to you!!! They fixed it and the show went on and was great. They played songs like Capitan Lawrence (Captain Lawrence), Trono del Metal (Metal Throne) and Hoy gano yo (Today I Win) and their latest single Nuevo Mundo (New World). I hope they come back again!!!!!!!!!!

The German Machine as the promoter called them... Simple riffs, powerful melodies and of course 24/7!!!! I was very excited when they started to play. A great heavy metal band, but I still think that the voice of Udo Dirkschneider is not the best in the heavy metal society. But he knows how to use it! They played songs such as Thunderball, 24/7, Master Of Disaster... just to mention some. They were awesome!!!!

Mägo de Oz
Finally, the time of the folk-pagan metal music arrived. Mägo de Oz played as they use to... with their flute, violin, guitars, bass and drums. The first chords started to sound and with the typical scream of "Viva Mexico Cabrones!!".
The show was great, the sound too loud, but tell me about a metal concert with music at a low volume? Songs? Of course they played famous songs like Hoy toca ser Feliz (Today it's time to be happy), La posada de los Muertos (Death's Tavern) and of course Fiesta Pagana (Pagan Party) and Molinos de viento (Windmills).

To Resume.... A great festival with excellent bands (except Onnasis' Day - LOL) that lasted nine hours... Nine hours of metal, beer and head banging!!!!
P.S.: I have a headache, I don't know, if its caused by the beer or by the head banging... But who cares?!!!

Astaroth Sammael


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