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On disc: Marillion

Anoraknophobia - Amir Djawadi - 6 stars
Best.Live - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Madfish - 2012)

Marillion was founded in 1979 and their albums sold more than 15 million copies. Best.Live is a new live album which features songs recorded between 2003 and 2011 and is a best-of off the last 20 years. Singer Steve Hogarth joined the band in 1989 and there haven't been any line-up changes since. So the album also reflects the current line-up. They kick off their sonic journey with The Invisible Man, personally I think it isn't the best track to kick off the live album. A song like Warm Wet Circles would have be a better opener in my opinion, but perhaps that's just me.... I like it when you hear the audience as it gives you this live feel and at Best.Live I miss this feeling a bit, even if you can hear the audience every now and then. Sure, Marillion's prog rock compositions are top notch and they can carry you into reverie, but I still miss some hits, their early hits... One of my favorites on Best.Live is Neverland, actually CD2 is stronger than CD1 as it has songs like Beautiful, Hard As Love and Man Of A Thousand Faces. Perhaps it's also due to the fact that H talks to the fans in between songs more and that adds to the live atmosphere...

If fans really need this one, I can't tell, but if you don't own every Marillion CD then this is a good deal to get the best and to get them as live versions. Take a look at the track listing and make up your mind!

Track list:

1. The Invisible Man
2. You're Gone
3. King
4. Hotel Hobbies
5. Warm Wet Circles
6. That Time Of The Night (The Short Straw)
7. Essence
8. The Release
9. Three Minute Boy
10. This Strange Engine

1. Neverland
2. Asylum Satellite #1
3. This Train Is My Life
4. Out Of This World
5. Somewhere Else
6. Real Tears For Sale
7. Beautiful
8. Fantastic Place
9. Hard As Love
10. Man Of A Thousand Faces

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt



(EMI - 2001)

Okay, nobody can blame Marillion to lack creativity, coz their latest release is called Anoraknophobia.

On the album are 8 tracks and as usual for this genre, some are pretty long, but also show the variety Marillion is stands for.
The band with singer Steve Hogarth slowed down a little in comparison with earlier releases, but on Separated Out they really rock! The track not just features guitar riffing, it also has keyboard parts.

The quintet offers what the fans are longing for, but just on the album, coz live they did just play one show in Germany! And so in other countries... Especially a mixture of the old classics and new tunes would love to see them live!

The fans of Marillion in Germany can just listen to the album and hope that the quintet returns to the stages in Germany. But I guess that many fans all over the world have to deal with this. Let's hope they'll tour extensively!

6 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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