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On stage: Moonspell

- Moonspell, Kreator & Novembre - Feb. 2000 - Cologne (D) -
- Lacuna Coil & Moonspell - Dec. 2003 - Cologne (D) -

Moonspell, Kreator & Novembre - Feb., 6th 2000 - Cologne (Germany), Live Music Hall

A arrived at Cologne's Live Music Hall early to do some interviews and see the four band package. Today it was the first show on this tour were Novembre opened instead of Manic Movement.
Unfortunately the Italians had to enter the stage at 19:30 when just a few fans arrived. At the tickets show time was announced for 20:00! But the band of singer / guitarist Carmelo Orlando and his brother didn't expect too much... Novembre is almost a new band and their album Classica was released January 30th! A lot of stage acting won't fit to the band which roots been death metal which is mixed with elements and influences from Bathory to Dream Theater to Duran Duran! Their debut and the follow-up were released on a small label and not known outside Italy. Carmelo and his 3 mates played e.g. Nostalgiaplatz, My Starving Bambina and L'Epoque Noire beside a track from their 2nd album... Forgive me guys, I don't know the song title... When the band started there were empty faces..... During the next minutes the boys made the people move little by little!
After a break Witchery started, but I had to do an interview and missed them! Damned! Yvette, a promoter of Century Media, saw them and she said it was one of their best shows.... An amazing one, she said... I believe she was right!
Third band of the night the German trash legend Kreator... But Mille and his mates are no longer a trash band, with Endorama they changed. It was a bigger change than in the past with Renewal... The band started with the album opener Golden Age. A great light show supported the music, but the band was standing almost in the dark... But music is what it's all about... They presented songs, old and new ones like Chosen Few, Lost, Pleasure To Kill, Black Sunrise, Extreme Aggression, Renewal and ended with Endorama. I liked the show a lot, but it seems that a lot of old fans were in Cologne which left the venue and waited outside to see Moonspell later on. After 60 minutes the Germans left the stage. Even if the new songs are a lot heavier live, most of the trash metalheads been disappointed. But I heard that at the show in Bochum the Kreator fans went crazy....
During the break the fans came back into the venue and waited.... Wait even longer due to technical problems. After the crew solved the problems the Portuguese entered the stage and started with Soul Sick! Moonspell changed through the years and even their stage show changed... Fernando Ribeiro was standing in the spotlight, in the middle of the stage and soon the charismatic frontman fascinated the fans. Keyboarder Pedro and bassist Sérgio looked like they came from a coal mine, upper body and face with black spots... Musically the Portuguese showed a great collection of songs: Butterfly FX, 2nd Skin, Can't Be, Angelizer, Wolf Shade, Mefisto, Lustmord, Tired, Alma Mater and more... Highlights been Opium and Eurotica. It seems that the fans are still more into the songs from Irreligious than the later releases. Perhaps it'll take a while until the fans learn to love the new songs, but most of the viewers seems to like the new stuff. In the front rows the people were singing along and partly banging. Due to the delay Moonspell had to cut one song off the setlist... Vampiria we missed! So they ended with FullMoon, but this was an impressing show... Great band, great songs and a cool light show!!! Please come back soon!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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