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On disc: Mendeed

Shadows War Love - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Shadows War Love

Shadows War Love
(Rising Records - 2008)

The British Mendeed were founded in 2000, released some EPs and singles and their first full-length album in 2006. After another EP they released the follow-up The Dead Live By Love - and then they split up. But I have absolutely no idea why Rising Records is now releasing a 'best of', most fans will have the albums and there is nothing new or previously unreleased song at this compilation.
They start full force with thrashy riffs, fast drumming and angry screams into Ignite The Flames. But they also vary a bit and offer some more grooving parts - and they can even surprise with some melodic parts. Actually Dave Proctor's vocals are almost scolding screams. And this opening tune already gives you an idea about what to expect, coz the following tracks have the same trademarks, even if they vary a bit. If you don't know Mendeed, but are a fan of MetalCore, then check out any 2 tracks and if you like them, buy the album. Beside that, I think, its better to invest money in existing bands and so support the scene... Your decision!

Track list:

Ignite The Flames
Act Of Sorrow
Fatal Poison Whisper
Glory Be Thy Name
The Reaper Waits
Beneath A Burning Sky
Stand As One, Fight For Glory
Remains Of The Day
Burning Fear
The Dead Live By Love
Take Me As I Am
Its Not Over Yet

Claudia Ehrhardt


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