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In Words: Morion

- Teppah - Oct. 2008 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Teppah - October 2008 (by email)

Please tell us a bit about the beginning of the band!

Morion was born to live in 2004 - Vasyl (guitar, vocals), Anton (drums) and Hubass (former bass player) were friends for a couple of years, and after some time they've decided to form a band together. Couple of months later Misterius (keyboards) joined them and that line-up recorded the Symbol Of Time demo. In 2006 I have joined the band (playing bass) and just weeks after me we got a second guitar player - Gwiazda. Most of us have played with each other before, so this was quite natural for us. I believe that this is the best fold for Morion, we have toured and recorded together and everything went smooth. We're friends first! We're really sorry for Anton, but he had to leave the band, unfortunately. Right now we're trying a couple of new drummers and we hope to get back on track really soon.

And what does Morion mean for you? Have you thought of the hemlet or the quarz? Or did you chose it for another reason?

We thought that Morion (as in quartz) would make a great name for the band. It's black colour reflects the darker side of our emotions, but there's no story behind it. Anton's wife thought that this name would suit us, so we decided to go for it! It's short and catchy, we thin.

Your album is called Insomnia. Why?

It's a beginning of a trilogy - next parts will be devoted to sleep and awakening. The title comes from one of the tracks and reflects the theme of the lyrics. I wouldn't say that it's a concept album, but there's a common subject in all the lyrics. We all have to face some difficulties in our live - love, hate, depression, loneliness. Those are the main ideas behind Insomnia's concept.

What inspires you? Musically? Lyrically?

Lyrics are inspired by life itself. Those are not real stories, however they emerge from our experiences. All the lyrics were written by Vasyl, but he never wants to go into the details. We want people to listen to them, to hear them out in the songs, and to have their own interpretation. Having your own interpretation of lyrics is an important part of experiencing music as an art, not just our album.

Which bands influenced you?

If I had started to name all the bands that have inspired us over the years, then you would probably got bore to death. ;-) We don't set any boundaries for inspirations, and since we all have a totally different tastes it's hard to give any names. We're into all kinds metal (of course!), blues, rock, jazz, progressive, electronic, drum'n'bass, electro - you name it, we've got it covered! Anton worships Black Label Society, Vasyl, Misterius and Gwiazda dig In Flames and I - Cock & Ball Torture. You probably won't hear any of these bands in Morion, since people come up with names like Paradise Lost or Moonspell in Insomnia's reviews. Some new tracks that we're working on have a certain inspiration of Katatonia - The Great Cold Distance is great album indeed. Morion is a collage of our tastes, we all have a different favourite songs from Insomnia but we never have any hard time over it. We're just trying until everyone happy with the new stuff.

How do you write songs? As a team? Or does someone show up with a song?

Someone needs to have an idea - usually it's a guitar riff or a couple of keyboard notes. That's enough for us - then we would sit down, jam, exchange ideas, work on the details and arrangements. It's a constant process, most of our songs recorded on the Insomnia album sound different when we play them live. A quick story from our recording session - I left the studio for a day or two, and when I came back I found some songs rearranged that I could hardly recognize them! I think it's great, the music should always surprise you.

What about playing live? Is it easy to get gigs in Poland?

Playing live is our life! You might not like our CD (too slow, too fast, too gothic, too metal - whatever), but we're more than sure that you're going to enjoy our shows. Morion live is an untamed beast, give us a stage and we shall take no prisoners. Of course, it's not like we're death or black metal band, all in spikes and leather, but we enjoy our shows a lot and hope that it's noticeable. In April we've completed a small tour across Poland and I have to admit that last months were really great of us as far as gigging is concerned. The crowd has been great and we got a great response to our shows.

Have you had the chance to play outside your country already?

Unfortunately - no. We've never played abroad, but we hope that one day we will! We just need someone who can take care of the venues and stuff, and we'll be happy to come over na play!

It seems that still the metal world isn't showing much interst for bands from Eastern Europe... Do you think it's changing for the better now? Does communities like MySpace help to change this?

I think that the best bands are known across the whole world - regardless of where they're coming from. We don't care about the labels, it's not 1980's or 1990's anymore, we all have access to the Internet, we have listeners from across the world and the country of origin is really not that important. Good music will always be good music, it doesn't matter if it's recorded in Germany, Poland, Romania or South Africa.

I know you are looking for a label. Have you already get some offers?

At this very moment we're just starting to look for a label. We've sent out some copies to some magazines, but basically we've been busy with our tour, getting married, raising kids and other stuff - a lot has happened in the band in the last couple of months. For the summer we're taking a break from touring and we hope to focus on promotion - I've got a whole stack of CDs cluttering my room and I hope to get rid of them soon! We're focusing on Germany and Scandinavia - we think that these regions have a particular taste for that kind of music and we hope to get someone interested. We don't have any killer requirements - we just want someone to take care of the distribution and some management issues - if you're willing to help don't hesitate to contact us!

If there won't be a offer which suits you, would you do another album on your own? Try to find a distributor only?

That won't stop us! ;-) We've decided to release the album on our own to keep things going. We were also aware that our demo Symbol Of Time was too short to have us signed. We wanted the labels to have a full picture of the band, since all the small details are important. We've managed to do everything on our own and we hope that it proves that we're capable of being a professional, full-time band.

What's on your schedule for the rest of the year? What can we expect from Morion?

Compose new songs, definately! We have some ideas for the sophomore album, now we just have to get together and create tracks. Some of the new songs are might become a real blockbusters, so we hope that our second album will be even better than the first one.

Thanks for your interest and support, we hope that your readers will also enjoy our album! Na zdrowie!

I can just recommend to go to their MySpace and listen to the song - and if you like what you hear, spread the word!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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