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On disc: Mehida

- Blood & Water - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Blood & Water

Blood & Water
(Napalm Records - 2007)

Mehida is a Finnish band started by former Sonata Arctica keyboarder Mikko Härkin. The singer is Thomas Vikström (Stormwind, 7Days, ex-Candlemass).
Unchanging starts off a bit weird... But after a few seconds the band kicks in and present a progressive melodic metal tune. Right away I have to think of Lion's Share - Andy Engberg's vocal lines. Btw, Vikström did some backing vocals on Lion's Share's album Two. Only a short impression, coz the Finnish are much heavier and use complex arrangements topped with a nice vocal melody. Heavy riffs combined with partly complex and partly very simple rhythmic patters and some symphonic keyboard lines. With a heavy groove Wings Of Dove start and here Thomas Vikström steps up a bit more. He can show everything from emotional to angry parts and also some high screams. On Burning Earth they remind me more of Threshold due to the arrangement and combination of heavy riffs and progressive elements, but somehow they aren't as catchy. Somehow unwieldy, too. Multitude has some sharp, heavy riffs and in the beginning crossover-like vocals, but then turns into a heavy riff-based groove monster. Partly the vocal part reminds me of Roy Khan in his days with Conception... Flow-era... A bit more melodic is Stronghold, but beside the keyboards this is reminding me even more of Conception... Piano leads into A Letter From Home, into a balladesque tune. During the chorus the backings are too much, the song would be more intense without the choir.
The sound is crystal clear, but could be better balanced... Personally the drum sound is annoying me which makes it tough for me to listen. They are playing on a high technical level, but the songs are unwieldy... Bulky... And it takes several spins, but even then you probably don't get into it... Well, a nice album, but it didn't really get me, but perhaps next time. They have to find their own identity. From the ingredients of their sound this should be interesting for fans of heavy prog metal - even if the have some more balladesque parts - and the ones who dig Threshold.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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