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On disc: Mistheria

Dragon Fire - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire
(Lion Music - 2010)

Many virtuosi use instrumental albums to show off their skills, but Mistheria mastermind Giuseppe 'Mistheria' Iampieri isn't presenting an instrumental album. For Dragon Fire he invited some great voices and personally I'm happy that John West is singing on 5 tracks. He could also get Mark Boals, Rob Rock, Lance King and Titta Tani to add vocals to his compositions. The guitar parts are split up as well, so you hear George Bellas, Roger Staffelbach, Neil Zaza and Emir Hot. The bass is played by Alberto Rigoni and on drums John Macaluso.
On Dragon Fire you find neo-classical metal compositions which feature Mistheria's keyboard play, but he also give space to everybody else to shine. One of my favorites is Killing The Pain, a powerful balladesque tune which has a melancholy touch. Another one is Two Of Us which features Lance King, singer of Avian and Balance Of Power. Heavy riffs, progressive elements and lots of keyboard wizardry is what you get - and on top King's vocals. The classic-tinged keyboard solo is just great, then they speed up and the track becomes a melodic speed metal track with a symphonic touch. Metal Opera (Part 2): Eye Of The Storm features Mark Boals and is an atmospheric neo-classical track which will hook you up immediately. A heavy but progressive track is Fire & Flame which has an 70's prog rock feel to it. And some Purple-ish parts. On vocals Ashent singer Titta Tani - and he really delivers a great performance!
After Prelude In F Minor Mistheria is heading into Chopin Fantasy, another track where the keyboarder can show his talent. The instrumentals just give him more space to perform, but for The Power Of One he is one more time joined by John West. The closer is called A Beautiful Dream, a ballad sung by Titta Tani and the perfect way to close this chapter.
Everybody who is into neo-classical metal, who listens to Malmsteen as well as e.g. Artension should check out Dragon Fire!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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