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On disc: Marcello-Vestry

- Marcello-Vestry - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(911 Records - 2008)

When I read the names Marcello and Vestry they sounded familiar, but I confess I had to take a closer look. Frank Vestry I first heard with the 1985 Jack Starr release Burning Starr - and then lost track. Rob Marcello - as well as Bruno Ravel - are members of Danger Danger. And so you might get an idea what to expect - hard rock with keyboards like in the late 80's. They open up with Fireworks which shows this clearly. A bit Winger-ish... A catchy hard rock tune, but with Ready Or Not they get a bit heavier. This song is more guitar-driven and has partly a less polished sound, even if the chorus is typical 80's glam metal. Actually the rawer parts are more alive... And soon it gets clear that the album is very much in the vein of late 80's hard rock / glam metal and so fans of Danger Danger, Winger, Warrant and later Mecca and Melodica will dig it. For others this will be too cheesy... too superficial. But the album has its moments, like the balladesque Gone, it starts slowly and becomes a powerful balladesque tune. But everybody who expects Rob Marcello to shine with his guitar play might be disappointed, no doubt he's doing a good job and there are a few very cool parts. But the songs can really shine through the vocals of Frank Vestry. Heavier and with spacy keyboard sounds they get into Without You, but then the song becomes a rocker with emotional vocals. One of my favorites is Love Injection, what makes this song differ? I can't really tell... I just know that this one got me right away!
The songs are catchy and soon you will sing along. Music which still gets airplay in the US and which still has a lot fans, even if some might flag this as too simple... But AOR and hard rock always has been simple, but if you're having a good time with this music, there is nothing wrong about it!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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