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On disc: Mad Max

Night Of White Rock - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars
Another Night Of Passion - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Another Night Of Passion

Another Night Of Passion
(SPV - 2012)

I came across Mad Max with Stormchild back in 1985, Night Of Passion followed in 1987 and now 25 years later it's time for Another Night Of Passion. Drummer Axel Kruse is back and it seems that with the old line-up the old sound is back...

They kick off with Rocklahoma, a tune which could have been taken of Night Of Passion! A real 80's rocker with heavy riffs, a catchy vocal line - just like back in the days! And with 40 Rock they present you a heavy rocker which combines early 80's heavy rock with melodic rock of the late 80's / early 90's. Towards the end it's a bit repetitive, but well... One of my favorites is the heavy, riff-based You Decide, it sounds quite American... The melodic vocals take off the edge a bit and soon you'll sing along. After the powerful, balladesque Fallen From Grace Mad Max speed up for Black Swan. The Chant starts with something which sounds Arabic chant-like... Slowly the band leads you into this heavy rocker. A rocker with twists and turns - love it! Back in the days they covered The Sweet's Fox On The Run, now it's Fever Of Love by The Sweet. The closer is called True Blue, an instrumental with a singing guitar.

The limited digi-pack is a value-for-money package, coz it has an extra CD with a full concert: Official Bootleg - Live In Berlin. A real treat for Mad Max fans!

Mad Max is back with heavy riffs and catchy hooks! If you liked them in the 80's, you will love their new album! Well done, can't wait to see them on tour!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


Night Of White Rock

Night Of White Rock
(AOR Heaven - 2006)

In the 80's Mad Max been quite known in the hard rock scene. Later the band broke up. Mainman Michael Voss started Casanova... Demon Drive and worked with Biss and Silver. A Mad Max comeback in the late 90's didn't really worked out. Now Mad Max are back in the original line-up and present Night Of White Rock.

The opening track To Hell And Back Again is a catchy up-tempo tune. The guitars are heavy and very powerful. Agressive guitar riffing and pounding drums, but not all songs are that heavy - like the following Losin' It. One of the trademarks of the Mad Max sound always was the voice of Michael Voss - and it still is. One of my personal highlights in Hope To See You - a beautiful hard rock tune. A piano-based ballad is Unbelievable. Only piano and vocals, later some strings and the band joins in, but always stay in the background. The voice and the words are the main 'instrument'. To the end they get heavier and some riffing guitars rock. Sun is guitar-driven and based on riffs - live this one will rock.

Musically they are sticking to hard rock, even if some songs are on the edge to melodic metal, but lyrically they changed. Nowadays they still sing about daily life, but fit more into the category Christian Rock. Even if the songs about belief, they never preach. Pretty often comeback albums can't keep up with the bands former releases, but in this case it's different. Mad Max managed to record a hard rock album which sounds fresh and modern. Well done!

Check out: Hope To See You, Night Of White Rock, To Hell And Back Again, Homeless and Unbelievable.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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