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In Words: Mortician

- Will Rahmer - Oct. 2003 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Mortician - October, 10th 2003

Earlier this year the grindcore band Mortician released their Darkest Day Of Horror. Founded by bassist / singer Will Rahmer in the late 80's, he and partner in crime Roger Beaujard (guitar) are playing to­gether for years. In their early days they faced problems and so for the last couple of years they work with a drum computer which is programmed by Roger Beaujard. Usually metal fans hate drum computers, especially in the more extreme music. "It wasn't a problem. We lost our drummer and couldn't find someone to replace him who was able to play that fast. In the meantime we use a drum computer and it worked out well." On their latest release Darkest Days Of Horror the duo put sound sequences of horror movies between the songs. An interesting idea. "We love horror movies and so it come naturally. Actually we write the music in 3 days up to one week, but it takes much more time choose the intros and to do the music." Because Will and Roger don't live in the same area they send tapes back and forth. They meet mainly for the recordings and to prepare show with their touring drummer. But for Will Rahmer Mortician is a full-time job. "I founded Redrum Distribution to have more control. So we can make distribution deals for certain countries." On the other hand it means that the band has to do the promotion on their own or to hire a promotion company. Will confesses that he's a control freak and so he tries to handle the complete business part. "Our current album was released through Relapse Records. The new one will be on Redrum Distribution, but I still get a helping hand from Frank (van Liempd / promoter at Relapse Records - editor) who is a friend of me and Roger. The idea behind Redrum is to support the underground and to have the possibility to give the fans something special. We will release not just CDs, there will be picture discs, 7" vinyl and split-CDs." Counterpart Roger Beaujard is responsible for the website of Mortician. Internet is important these days and so they have also control about this media. It's also important to keep in touch with the fans. More easy these days then a decade ago...
Technically the band is on a high level, not very usual in this genre. It seems that many bands think that in grindcore the technical aspect isn't important. Rahmer started playing bass about 16 years ago and is still working on his abilities. Influenced is the Mortician main;man by Discharge - early days - and the Canadian Slaughter. But they feel pretty good in this mixed tour package. "We like to play as the last band in the bill. The fans are heated up and waiting for us." Even if some of the thrash fans then have already left. "Unfortunately we don't have enough time to play the intros from tape. We have the first 5 or 6 songs of the setlist fixed, the rest of the about 15 songs we vary every night. Because the music is very technical, we are more static on stage. No chance for headbanging." They aren't party people and so they enjoy playing the last spot. Even if hanging out with fans and the other bands is fun.
After the successful tour package the band will soon start working on the new album. "We already have about 22 songs written. This time faster and more aggressive. Again we will use sound sequences. The album shall be out in April and a tour is scheduled for May!" The band already recorded tracks for the soundtrack of a horror movie, it would be interesting for them to do more of that stuff in future. But surely their priority is Mortician! So after this successful trip through European clubs the fans have to wait 'til April for a new album. Keep your eyes open for Mortician!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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