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On disc: Mercury Fang

- Ignition - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Rivel Records - 2007)

The Swedish band Mercury Fang is releasing their 2nd album called Ignition. The five-some play hard rock / melodic metal with a 70's feeling, power and a fresh sound. For the mixing Pontus Norgren was responsible - and as usual he did a good job.
They opening up with the heavy rocker Fly Away. The guitars of Håkan Granat and singer Fredrik Glimbrand have a 70's sound, but are way heavier. And the keyboard of J÷rgen Schelander adds some bombastic sounds to the heavy riffs. The piano starts off Run For You, but soon they get heavier and the song has something Purple-ish... Its the riffing, coz the opening piano part could have been taken from some Bon Jovi tune. Glimbrand's vocals sound partly like Phil Moog... Even if his voice is stronger and deeper. These days it ain't easy to play hard rock and present something new - and that can also be said about the album of Mercury Fang, but it's fun to listen to. There are always parts which remind you of this or that, but hey, that can be said about most bands, right? But songs like Time To Sail Away are fun to listen to. Personally I like the warm guitar sound and the dry drum sound of the album. The track Heading Out For Love has some modern metal riff in the beginning, but beside that the song is based more in the early 90's melodic metal. On Down The Drain the guitar's get a bit Whitesnake-ish, but there is something else in the sound... But I can't really get it... Towards the end they slow down and get bluesy, just to explode again for a guitar solo and back to the refrain. A real rocker! Slow and bluesy is Way Out Of Line - only keyboard and vocals, but then it becomes a bluesy mid-tempo tune. A powerful, balladesque song, but then it gets a bit poppy... And the atmosphere of the song is gone... A pity.
The quintet from Sweden navigate between 70's hard rock and melodic metal. Mercury Fang is interesting for fans of both genres who like great melodies, heavy riffs and some keyboards added. At their MySpace profile you have the possibility to check them out!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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