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On disc: Mankind Liberation Front

- Automind - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars


(Reality Entertainment - 2002)

The trio from sunny Los Angeles present on their debut a melange of punk, alternative, electro and pop. If you need to categorize the music of the Pink brothers then alternative pop or indie pop might fit best to their music. This band is unusual for many reasons. The three-some studied at the famous Berklee College of Music where the Israel-born brother Tal and Ran Pink met the Austrian musician Herwig Maurer and soon realized that they want the same. While Tal was studying law in the U.K. his brother Ran and Herwig went to L.A. and build up their own studio. When Tal returned the time was right for them to start their band Mankind Liberation Front.
Opening with the track Around & Around the trio starts with distorted sounds which come back during the song, but been alternating with clean parts. A musical melange which is strange when you listen to it first. There is a catchiness in their mixture of punk, electro, alternative and pop. Other tracks like Communicate are more electro pop and have elements which are known from industrial bands. Unusual is not just the sound of the band, also interesting that everybody is playing all the used instruments and that they don't have the usual band machinery with a guitarist, bassist and drummer and someone who additional sings. Everybody is playing everything and all three sing on the album. The single Warm Strong Numb is catchy and with a good video clip can make the watchers of MTV & co. Addicted. Crossing genres, commenting the society with a some sarcasm is what MLF is about. The 13 tracks offer a variety of sounds, but it won't be easy for them to find their place in nowadays music market, coz they don't fit in one or the other genre. On the other hand the band is talented and their creativity has also brought out the cover concept and video clip. The youngsters might have to fight for attention and for the chance to get heard, but then they have the chance to convince the open-minded.
One of my faves on the album is the more mellow tune Safe From The Sun which at the end sounds like an old vinyl... While Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers is a track which you might soon hear on the dance floors of electro pop discos... A danceable tune. Others you'll never hear at a dance floor. A large variety, but will they find people who want to listen to this melange? Time will tell, but if the video clip will get air play there is at least a chance that MLF can have a good start... If not, they will give it another try... I guess... And continue with the studio work. We will hear from them again in one or the other way!

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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