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On disc: Meldrum

- Loaded Mental Cannon - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Loaded Mental Cannon

Loaded Mental Cannon
(Record Heaven Music - 2001)

oes anyone remembers Phantom Blue? This is her new band, just named Meldrum. Musically their variety spans from hard rock to alternative heavy rock. Especially singer Moa Holmsten gives the band a unique sound, her voice is dark and powerful, sometimes really aggressive and next smooth (e.g. Feeding The Hope), then like on Through Shattered Eyes cold with vocal effects which usually used for industrial sounds. The songs sound unique, even if they offer a large variety and lyrically Meldrum not using the typical clichés! The quartets heavy rock doesn’t sound old-fashioned. Crossing genres might make it more difficult to address to a certain group of fans, but on the other hand is interesting for more people. But you have to be a little open-minded at least, on Chaos for example you have aggressive parts beside smooth ones where they use a sitar as well. On that track Michelle Meldrum also shows that she is a great guitarist! Guest musicians helped out to get the best on tape which includes guitar solos of John Norum (Through Shattered Eyes) and Brian Robertson (Attakapa).
A great start for the Swedish quartet and hopefully many fans will give it a try! It would be a shame, if this band wouldn't make it on the road because of record sales. I can imagine that Meldrum are really kicking ass live!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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