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On disc: May The Force Be With You

The Flood - Carsten Bahr - 7 stars

The Flood

The Flood
(Horror Business Records - 2011)

May The Force Be With You were founded in 2005 and so far they released 2 demos, a split CD with Jason and a mini album called Discometal Youth. Additionally they contributed songs to countless samplers. Their current release The Flood can be treated as their debut, offering 11 tracks in 27 minutes! A bit short, but well... The guys don't waste time, musically they come right to the point and deliver an album full of adrenaline and anger. It's the mix of hardcore, modern thrash and a dash melodic death metal. I guess you can call it metalcore, but in case of May The Force Be With You it isn't a bad thing. As usual in metalcore the songs are sonic roller coaster rides and they push the limits. Fast in-your-face parts meet staccato grooves, blast beats and sometimes the songs have a slight black metal touch or crunchy metal solos. Even the vocals swing between hysterical shouts and deep growls. You can hear that they are heart and soul and so you forget about the short songs and the partly hectic feel of the album. Instead you enjoy the brutal sound and the aggression, fans of Heaven Shall Burn, Unearth, Municipal Waste, Comeback Kid and Death By Stereo should dig this one - and start a major circle pit. My only real criticism is the short running time.

7 stars

Carsten Bahr
((translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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