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On disc: Michael Thompson Band

Future Past - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Future Past

Future Past
(Frontiers Records - 2012)

Guitarist Michael Thompson is presenting a new album with his band, Future Past. But the Brooklyn-born guitarist played on countless albums and also lend his writing skills to well-known artists, just check his discography!

MTB kicks off with the catchy High Times, a great AOR tune. Larry King - not the king of talk ;) - has a raspy voice and that fits well to the MTB sound. Can't Be Right is an ear catcher! Love the guitar play at this one!

The title track Future Past sounds somehow familiar, but it's more the atmosphere.... It's one of the songs which hooks you up and which you will haunt you for days. A rock ballad is When You Love Someone, a dreamy tune and very often a ballad sounds like it would be better in an acoustic version - not this time. It's just perfect! At Break Me Down they cite Alan Parsons, but I don't care. The song is fun, has a poppy edge and is expressive at the same time. Totally different is End Game, it has a different feel... more rock, but that's not the only reason why this is one of my favorites. The vocals are expressive, the song is touching... Can't Miss is an 80's pop rock tune incl. saxophone - and I love saxophone! Back then it would have been on heavy rotation! But if you like the sound of the 80's, it will be right up your alley! The closer is Fight For Your Life, and again they show a different facet. Slow parts next to rocking passages and an infectious refrain. Quite commercial, but commercial isn't always a bad thing!

Everybody who enjoys a good melodic rock album, who enjoys classy AOR should get this album right now!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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