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On disc: Mr. Gil

Light And Sound - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Light And Sound

Light And Sound
(Electrum Production - 2011)

Mirek Gil founded Mr. Gil in 1998 as a side project. Back then he was in Collage, now he's part of Believe and he is joined on Light And Sound by Believe singer Karol Wroblewski and keyboarder Konrad Wantrych who plays piano on this album. The guys are joined by Paulina Druch on cello.
Musically it's acoustic guitar, piano, cello and vocals, so you can expect something which is more in the singer / songwriter style. Melancholy tunes like No More Of The Dark can enchant you, mainly it's Karol Wroblewski's vocals which do the trick. Even if Paulina's cello sometimes is prominent, most of the time she stays in the background which is a pity, coz it could give the songs a special atmosphere. At Best Regards they offer Irish / Celtic folk inspired instrumental music. Actually songs like Easily where Karol Wroblewski joins in are most interesting. One of the highlights is King Of Gold, a bit more rock and with an uplifting vibe while the cello gives it a melancholy touch. Very cool is the acoustic version of Kto aniolem byl?, perhaps because singing in his mother's tongue adds some intensiveness to Karol's vocal performance.... Another song which sticks out is the title track Light And Sound, a beautiful ballad. At the end they present a rock version of Kto aniolem byl? - and I wish they would have offered a few more rock tracks to add variety to the album. Don't get me wrong, the songs are well done, but it gets a bit boring after awhile. A bit more variety would do the next release good.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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