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On disc: Moraines

The Perfect Pantheon Of Absence - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The Perfect Pantheon Of Absence

The Perfect Pantheon Of Absence
(Subvultures - 2008)

The Croatian band Moraines just started in spring 2007 and with The Perfect Pantheon Of Absence is their first release and only available through the net label
They slowly start into Garden Of His Turbulence, a 10+ minutes long tune. Thundering riffs and an ultra-heavy bass take you further into the Garden Of His Turbulence. From slow, dragging riffs they move on to mid-paced metallic riffs - spiced up with some guitar melody. Then after almost 5 minutes they add some deep growls, from repetitive riffs they progress to a more varying sound. The track becomes a mid-paced melodic death metal tune. But then they change again and the foursome is heading into a very melodic, slow passage which is a bit retro prog-like... For the last minute they add some heaviness and slowly speed up. Quite interesting, but some parts are a bit lengthy... Riffs lead into And The Waters Separate The Space, another long tune, but this time only 7+ minutes. And they push the accelerator after about a minute and add some growls.. Then they stop dead, just to head into a more melodic, but also riff-based part. Later they ease up again and the part somehow reminds me of some Pain Of Salvation stuff... And again they add heaviness. The Croatian quartet combines different genres, but the mainly instrumental songs - okay, there are some growls - are riff-based. The blend is interesting, even if partly a bit lengthy. Sometimes vocals would help. ;)
They stick to the chosen path at Temples In Chrome, and partly the song reminds me of old Tiamat... At Wildhoney times, but the growls are a bit deeper... meaner. Towards the end of this one they add some clean vocals - and it does the song real good! The last track Come Death starts quite heavy and with about 5 minutes this is the shortest track of this EP. And again they use some clean vocals. Personally I miss a bit variety, especially as the tracks are quite long. Anyway, you should check them out at MySpace or download the demo at:

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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