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On disc: Mortician

- Darkest Day Of Horror - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Darkest Day Of Horror

Darkest Day Of Horror
(Relapse Records - 2003)

The American duo Will Rahmer (bass / vocals) and Roger Beaujard (guitar / drum programming) playing together for more then a decade. In the mid-90's they made themselves known in the death metal underground. Live shows and compilations let their fan base grow fast.
Now Darkest Day Of Horror is out. Starting with Andra, a song intro sounds like taken from a horror movie before the band joins in with heavy, mid-tempo death metal with deep growls. The duo is working for years with a drum computer which is unusual, but accepted by their fans. The drum machine built the perfect beat for the Mortician sound which is full of breaks and tempi-changes. Human Puzzle starts with some spoken words of a woman by heavy, pounding beats with fast sequences. Usually bands who play long songs work with breaks and changes while most bands who write short ones are just hammering down riffs, Mortician is different! Even if they are able to play 20 songs in less then 40 minutes. All songs are really heavy, extreme death metal. Darkest Day Of Horror is the soundtrack for a horror / splatter movie. This album will take Mortician to the top level of the genre!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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