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On disc: Myon

- Heaven's Garden - Claudia Ehrhardt - 5 stars

Heaven's Garden

Heaven's Garden
(Noise International - 1999)

The Finnish band recorded the album in winter 1996/1997 and mixed it in spring 1997 at Finnvox Studios. So this stuff isn't bandnew, but out in the streets just for a short time. What do they offer? The band of singer Sami Huotari which was founded in 1995 in Oulu plays melodic metal with progressive parts and emotional ballads. Sure, this is not a new definition of metal and influences are audible; the band had to find their own style. Myon - the band choose the name intuitive from the Finnish language, it has several meanings! One of them is: The result of cosmic radiation which get visual when the atoms enter the atmosphere!
The title track is catchy, but the keyboards sometimes are a little annoying to me. Perhaps a more guitar orientated sound would fit better, but this is not a bad album! The band tries to combine the keyboard sounds of the 70's with orchestration, modern samples and a heavy guitar. The powerful ballads are intense and almost deal with personal experiences. Other songs tell about stuff which could happen around us, normal day life..... End Of Time is a bonus track which originally was recorded acoustic and later the band decided to put this additionally on the album. At the end this is a good album, nothing new..... But solid work.
Give it a try and listen to: Heavens Garden, Lonely or How Can I Cry!

5 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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