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On disc: Mnemic

The Audio Injected Soul - Jörg Petersen - 8 stars
Sons Of The System - Chris Jänecke - 9 stars

Sons Of The System

Sons Of The System
(Nuclear Blast - 2010)

Mnemic fans had to wait 3 years for a new album, but it was worth it! After 2007 release Passenger it's time for Sons Of The System, their 4th album, to see the light of day. It's the second one with singer Guillaume Bideau. Right after the first spins some of these fat riffs will haunt you! With the opener Sons Of The System shows that Mnemic stick to their guns. Great refrains, catchy vocals and some fat riffs! Diesel Uterus is the first single and guitarist Mircea Gabriel Eftemie commented: "Diesel Uterus is probably one of the heaviest songs in terms of tuning. We still maintained the brutality but mixed it with some really beautiful melodies that can be heard in the chorus. The vocals had lot of room to unfold as heard in the chorus and throughout the song. It is mid-tempo pretty much all the way, and the middle part — or c-section, if you will — becomes rather progressive and more melodic than the chorus.
The lyrics are about the way technology has changed our way of living. Everybody is dependent on digital devices, mobile phones, computers and especially the Internet. If we have Google Earth, what does the military have? Are we safe at all? And is abundance of information a good thing? Definitely good, if you know how to avoid the bad things. The main point is that we should adapt to technology in a correct and balanced way. In reality, we do waste a lot of time. An aspect of the Internet is that we end up watching the world most of the day through a screen. It is definitely a heavy topic that requires debate and a heavy song!" And with Elongated Sporadic Bursts they show that the kings of future fusion metal - how they call their style - are back! This one and Mnightmare are catchy tunes. Headbanging sounds. Sons Of The System is a great kick off for the metallic year 2010! It wins you over with heavy riffs, catchy vocals, well arranged refrains and a few progressive moments. At the moment you can listen to the whole album at the bands MySpace!
Resume: Go and fuckin' buy it!

9 stars

Chris Jänecke
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


The Audio Injected Soul

The Audio Injected Soul
(Nuclear Blast - 2004)

The Danish new thrash metal diamond is called Mnemic. The Danish five-some is now back with The Audio Injected Soul. They open up their latest opus with Dreamstate Emergency. The industrial thrash hammer is grooving and shows what's the direction of the quintet. The catchy hooks and the melodic vocals lines of singer Michael add the special something. A good tune to check out the world of Mnemic full of heavy guitar riffing, industrial sounds and variable vocals. Fans of Fear Factory will love this album. Producer Tue Madsen give the album the powerful and crystal-clear sound. Another hit is Door 2.12. Here there are similarities to System Of A Down - the breaks - and mighty hooks. Interesting is the Duran Duran cover Wild Boys - definitely an interesting choice. And not an easy task. I think they did quite good, but cover versions are always a walk on the edge.
For metalheads who haven't heard of them I can recommend to check out Dreamstate Emergency and Door 2.12. Fans of Fear Factory and Strapping Young Lad have to buy this one.

8 stars

Jörg Petersen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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