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On disc: Memphis May Fire

Sleepwalking - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Trustkill - 2009)

Memphis May Fire is a five-piece from Texas, now they present their debut album Sleepwalking. Musically the band offers a blend of post-hardcore and Southern Rock.
They kick off with North Atlantic vs. North Carolina, a heavy rocker with slow passages, heavy riffs, growls and clear vocals. They speed up for A Giant In A Giants World, the song has the rock'n'roll feeling, but then turn towards hardcore. After an angry attack they slow down, get quite melodic and it's like you listen to a different band, but then they return to the aggressiveness of hardcore. A sonic roller coaster ride. The guys from D-Town deliver aggressive guitar riffs, heaviness and melodies with a Southern rock edge. Songs like Ghost In The Mirror will surprise the listener, but their mix of alternative rock, hardcore and Southern rock elements is quite unique. Ghost In The Mirror is one of the highlights off Sleepwalking for me - and I recommend to check out this tune! Been There, Done That offers a catchy hook and the melodic parts will haunt you after a few spins! The title track Sleepwalking has all trademarks of Memphis May Fire's sound, even if the Southern rock elements aren't that prominent, therefore they add more melodic passages. With a bluesy guitar they lead into the closer Speak Now, I'm Listening, again they change the musical direction and head into a heavy rocker with twists and turns.
The quintet is crossing boarders, they combine different elements and the contrast between aggressiveness and emotional parts has a certain magic. If the fans will follow them onto their sonic roller coaster ride only time will tell. But their highly energetic rock is infectious!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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