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On disc: Moth Circus

Sideshow Sweetheart - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Sideshow Sweetheart

Sideshow Sweetheart
(Rocksector Records - 2010)

Moth Circus is a new band from Stavanger (Norway). The quartet is now presenting Sideshow Sweetheart to the rock circus.
Opening with Dreamland they head into the album with a heavy rocker. The opener will hook you up with its energy. The Norwegians take you on a sonic roller coaster ride. The next track is M.I.A., a riff-based rocker which includes an excerpt from a news cast. Singer and guitarist Johnny Olsen has a powerful voice and seems to be based in hard rock / glam rock - even if musically Moth Circus is heavier, more metal. The title track Sideshow Sweetheart will surprise you with twists and turns, but it's an ear catcher - and is the right track to get into Moth Circus. Crimson Glory has 70's rock vibe, but the rocker also offers some alternative rock / metal elements. One of the highlights is Hello, Welcome, Sorry which is a melancholy semi-acoustic tune with a narrating part, harmony vocals and reminds me a bit of Tesla's Five Men Acoustical Jam. During the narrating part the song has a slight country / Southern rock touch, but then returns to the main theme. Quite cool!
Then they speed up and head into the up-tempo rocker Murder in the vein of 80's hard rock / glam metal. A bit more alternative rock is Chloe Carlson which sticks out with it's narrative part and female vocals. But it also has some modern metal elements embedded. $5.75 Wasted is just an interlude and leads you into Porter. A rock riff opens up the fast and wild rocker, but also catchy and melodic. The closer is called Death Living, an up-tempo rocker with a dash SoCal.
The Moth Circus sound has different facets and sound elements. But all are based on rock. I guess live the songs will sound even better... And now check out Moth Circus!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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