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On disc: Mollo / Martin

The Third Cage - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The Third Cage

The Third Cage
( Frontiers - 2012)

Former Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin teamed up with Italian guitarist Dario Mollo awhile ago and with The Third Cage they present their 3rd album.

A heavy riff is dominating the opening passage of Wicked World, but I recommend to watch the video to get an idea of it! Especially as this track isn't just interesting for hard rockers! The opener has a modern edge and is quite heavy, almost power metal-like...

Next in line Cirque Du Freak, the track is almost sounding like something off Headless Cross... The warm sound fits better to Tony Martin's voice. Oh My Soul is heading down the same alley. It once again shows a great performance of Tony Martin and Dario Mollo! Just let them carry you away! songs like Still In Love have an Oriental touch and especially this one reminds me a bit of Rainbow... One of my favorites is Don't Know What It Is About You, a hard rock-ish tune. The backings are reviving the late 80's hard rock, but aren't overdone. A heavy, guitar-driven tune is Blind Fury. This song is representing their metal-side, but is also appealing to fans of Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio. The closer Violet Moon is slowly leading you out of The Third Cage. It's Dario Mollo's emotional guitar play which will drag you into this one first, but then it's Tony Martin's expressive vocals which will hook you up. A great powerful ballad to close this chapter.

Fans Black Sabbath with Tony Martin should check out this album, give Mollo / Martin a chance to convince you. If you already own a Mollo / Martin album, then you know what to expect! Enjoy their 3rd musical journey!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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