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The Human Machine - Mike Thompson - 5 stars

The Human Machine

The Human Machine
(Pulverised Records - 2010)

Now, apparently this death metal band has been around since 1983, originally in America and now Czech Republic, and helped to forge the death metal scene into what it has become, along with bands like Death. When I found this out, I was expecting this album to be a phenomenal listening experience with some great old school death metal pummeling my head. How very disappointing to be greeted with the sounds I heard coming from my speakers.
What you get on this album, the band's tenth full-length, is a lesson in how to be the most average sounding death metal band on the planet. There's nothing really particularly bad about the songs, but there's just nothing special about them. You've probably heard this type of song a thousand times before from third rate support bands. Nothing sticks in your mind. There's occasionally a good solo or chugging riff but it just all seems so mundane.
Oh, yeah, there is one bad thing about this album. The vocals are absolutely appalling! If Paul Speckmann has suffered a stroke or something then forgive my harsh comments, but his voice just doesn't have the required grit of a death metal vocalist. It sounds like some slack-jawed idiot trying to sing Morbid Angel on karaoke after twenty pints of super-strength lager.
I'm guessing there's a reason why Death made it to be one of the most revered death metal bands in the world and Master have just been stuck in the underground. If this album is anything to go by then the simple fact is that Master just aren't that good.

5 stars

Mike Thompson


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